Record the time worked by your employees through the clock-in/clock-out function on the phone

Everything is moving and happens very quickly, so the employee timesheet must keep up with this pace. Clocking-in with a pen on paper or in Excel is no longer a solution or it will not be on the long run. iFlow is an online application, accessible from any device, wherever you are. The application gives you the opportunity to use the timekeeping directly from the phone, thanks to the self-service function for employees, it is perfect for the speed with which things are moving now. You don’t have to be at a desk or in front of a computer to clock in or check your timesheets.

The iFlow app is available on any device giving you the ability to access and use the software anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection to enjoy all the features of iFlow.

What are the benefits of iFlow?

Self service application

This is a great benefit because it means that each employee can clock in on their own. You can also add your leave requests, check the number of leave days available, print your leave requests yourself, so they can get to you, already signed from the moment you approve them.

Available on any device

The most important aspect of a successful business is to have access to useful information anytime, anywhere. You can check the situation of your employees even when you are not at your desk or you are abroad. Most of the time the HR staff receives calls with questions from employees about the number of days off available, and thanks to the iFlow app you can quickly answer these questions, even when you’re not at the office. The application does not require installation, it is easy to access from the browser of the device used.

Solve problems in just a few seconds

The more useful the real attendance is, the more problems you may encounter. We thought about most situations and added automated solutions for them. With iFlow you are always in accordance with the law and the timesheet is always correct. The application detects errors and gives you all the details about the anomalies encountered, then they are centralized in one place. You save time and money by eliminating human errors.

In iFlow, on the “Day data” page you have all the details of errors or conflicts in the application, and with just a few clicks you have solved the problem, simple and easy.

An example of a common error is the situation in which an employee has a paid leave but there is also a real attendance recorded at the same time. What does iFlow do in this case?

The timesheet will display an error symbol on the day this conflict occurs. With a simple click on that symbol you are redirected to the “Day data” page. Here you will see the employee’s work schedule, the actual attendance recorded and the events added on that day. You can edit or delete any information displayed on this page. Resolving this conflict is very simple as follows:

  • You will delete the paid leave because it was certainly entered incorrectly on a day when the employee has clocked-in and is present at work.

Record the real attendance without expensive devices

The application records the real attendance of employees even without attendance recording devices, or access systems. Although iFlow is integrated with such devices, it can be used without them. Clocking in on the phone records the same data as a card reader, namely:

  • Exact time intervals (Hours and dates)
  • Employee name, each employee account is unique
  • Location where the employee clocked in (Only if this is desired)
  • Terminal type, how the employee was clocked in (manual or web)

Moreover, you can check the attendance of your employees at work anytime and anywhere. The application provides you with details about the attendances registered in the profile of each employee. We have also prepared a special report for the real attendance, which has a complete filtering system, depending on the information you are looking for. Thanks to this report you can find any information very easily.

If you want to closely monitor the hours worked by your employees, iFlow is the solution! The application has been developed to handle a large amount of information automatically, without the need for a large number of employees to centralize the data in the application. Choose a fast, efficient and cost-effective timekeeping solution. Create a free account now.

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