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    Your complete time and attendance solution

    Enjoy a simple solution for you and your team to track time spent at work, from any device, wherever you are.

    Find out directly from one of our specialists why iFlow is the perfect app for your business.


    Easily track time spent on each project or task. Check your weekly attendance with a single click.

    Stay organized

    Efficiently plan your employees’ work schedule and avoid extra costs from unnecessary overtime hours.

    Employee self-service

    Empower your employees by giving them access to the app so they can add event requests.


    Clock-in / Clock-out

    Your employees can use this feature to record their worked hours. iFlow will automatically detect the location from which they checked in and out.


    Leave management

    Approve or deny any paid leave or time-off requests, exactly when they were added. Your employees get notified via email with the status of the request.


    Projects tracking

    Create your projects as you go and track the time spent on them. Get reports filtered by each project, and find out what projects take the most of your employee's time.

    How can you track time with iFlow?

    We know every company is different, therefore iFlow gives you multiple options to track your employee's work hours.


    Work schedule planning

    Plan the work schedule for your entire team with just a few clicks. Forget about paper. Enjoy the benefits of an automatic solution.

    Clock in out

    Clock-in / Clock-out

    Your employees can use this feature from any device, wherever they are. Keep track of time spent working at the office or remote.


    Attendance devices

    Try out our attendance systems with RFID cards. Secure clock-in / out, easy to install, perfect for every company.

    We have the best customers in the world!

    We are happy when you are happy. Forget about the stress, late work hours and join our community!

    A useful and friendly app, but more importantly, easy and intuitive to use. We really appreciate the iFlow team, who have always answered our questions every time we required it. If we needed a particular feature implemented into the app for our company, the iFlow team made it happen. iFlow made the job of our HR department and even other departments easier. Moreover, you can download any requests and reports with a single click.

    Georgiana Bors

    Talent Developer - Total Romania SA


    It is so important that your favorite tools can collaborate together. This is why we thought about an advanced system to integrate iFlow with your software.

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