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Project management in iFlow

A modern method of keeping track of projects, employees and their productivity on specific tasks

Project clock-in

The iFlow app is a performant HR software specially designed to digitize the clock-in process and automate manual calculations. iFlow offers the best solution to keep track of the time worked on each individual project.

What are the benefits of the iFlow project management module?

The iFlow HR cloud software helps you with management for employees, ongoing projects and the actual time worked on each task.


Ingenious clock-in methods

Depending on the company’s type, employees have different clock-in methods, such as: mobile and RFID cards project clock-in.


Real time notifications

In iFlow you can enjoy real time notifications when an employee clocked-in from the wrong workpoint, or was late for work.


Evidence of worked time

With the iFlow app you can monitor your employees’ clock-in and clock-out hours in real time, the exact GPS location and what is the project they worked on.

Clock-in photo verification

The option to take a photo at the clock-in moment offers complete transparency regarding the verification of the employee’s identity in real time. The site manager or the team leader can check the employees' clock-in and their correctness in his account by viewing the pictures from the moment of clock-in.

Reporting automation

By using the iFlow app, you make better use of the time spent with reports at the end of the month or year. All the data registered is transmitted towards the app in real time, and iFlow generates automatically filled-in reports. This information can be filtered by teams, locations or projects.

Are you interested in iFlow projects?

Find out all about the solution that helps you manage, monitor and monetize your company's projects.

Efficient, fast and versatile

iFlow is suitable for employees that are familiar with technology and those that aren’t. Depending on them, you can opt for mobile phone clock-in, or RFID cards on electronic kits. Both options are accessible and fast and the recorded data is instantly updated in the app.

Productivity and profitability

With the help of the iFlow app you can easily get an overview of your employees’ productivity and the profitability of the projects they are working on. Along with measuring the time allocated to work tasks, it’s simple to compare the team performance and to know which are the most lucrative works being carried out.

Following the analysis of the collected data, an overview is outlined on the way the company develops and you as a manager can make a concrete plan for the future.

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