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Irina U.

I am an optimistic and ambitious person with big plans for the future. Thanks to these qualities, any challenge I encounter becomes an opportunity for self-development, and every day is a possibility to learn something new.

How does the 4-day work week increase employee productivity?

The balance between personal and professional life has always been a priority for employees, but lately, changes have started to appear. More and more organizations worldwide are adopting an innovative approach: the 4-day work...

Employee Motivation: How to Maintain Performance and Engagement in a Changing Work Environment

Employee motivation is an essential part of any successful organization. Motivated employees are more productive, efficient, and loyal, leading to overall organizational performance growth. But how can you ensure that your employees are motivated...

Custom Records – Work Schedule

This table was created for the purpose of having a record of certain specific hours/days within your company. Thanks to the sorting options in this table, you can create a custom column in your work...