Time Tracking Software

Get rid of spreadsheets, Excel forms or others. iFlow makes all of these processes online, approve and requests are easily made with a single click. You can even create your own type of events, (e.g. Home Office or Classes). You and your employees` cand access all the data in real-time from any device, wherever you are.

Types of iFlow Timesheets

Schedule and register easily the presence of your employees at work . Enjoy the digitalized timesheet and automatic reports.

Timesheet based on custom work shifts

Create your own work shifts and generate the timesheet based on them. You can print it and post it for the employees without internet access.

Check-in/Check-out of work from any device

Your employees can use this feature to record their worked hours. iFlow app automatically detects the location from where they checked in and out.

Timesheet based on a planned schedule

Plan the work schedule for all your employees with any time interval. Enjoy the timesheet paper automatically completed.

iFlow is compatible with any device

Discover all iFlow versions and choose what fits your needs best.

Approve requests from anywhere you are

Approve or deny requests for vacations, overtime hours or any other events, from anywhere you are. All you need is a device with an internet connection.

We started using iFlow with a little reluctance but it proved to be “love at first sight” because the app is very flexible and it lets you build your own time and attendance system. For our company is very important to have those timesheets in order, due to the legislation. We have iFlow app on our mobile phones, so we are always online, with the information at our fingertips.

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Stay organized with iFlow

Forget about the stack of documents standing on your desk. With iFlow you have all the information stored in one place!

Import the iFlow Timesheet into your Payroll

With a single click, you can import your employees` timesheet directly into your payroll software.

Discover iFlow

Streamline your employees’ management and increase productivity in your HR department.