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Time Tracking Software

Get rid of spreadsheets, Excel forms or others. iFlow makes all of these processes online, approve and requests are easily made with a single click. You can even create your own type of events, (e.g. Home Office or Classes). You and your employees` cand access all the data in real-time from any device, wherever you are.

What are the benefits?

Work schedule planning and employee attendance tracking have always been challenging, thanks to the iFlow timekeeping application.

Dispozitive RFID

Compliance with regulations

The application has been developed and continues to be constantly updated following legislation.


Employee Self-Service

In iFlow, employees can record their attendance, add vacation leave requests, and generate related documents.


Automated Reports

All information in iFlow is collected and displayed in accurate and easily interpretable reports.

Access from any device

iFlow is available online on any smart device with internet access. Use the timekeeping program directly on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. No need to download space-consuming applications; with iFlow, everything is simple and easy.

Leave management

Approve or reject leave requests or other events with a single click. All requests are automatically filled with the information added to the application. Automate timekeeping and HR reports with the iFlow timekeeping program.

Various Clocking Methods

Different industries require suitable solutions. With iFlow, you can choose the appropriate clocking method for your locations, work models, and level of familiarity with technologies in your company. All records are transmitted to the application in real time, structured, and ready for specific reports.

Want to know more?

Learn all about the advantages of using electronic timekeeping software from an iFlow specialist!

Digital document archive

The HR department is relieved of the repetitive task of filling out employee certificates. In iFlow, these certificates can be issued from each employee's profile and automatically filled with personal data. CAS certificate, income certificate, travel order, and more are all available and can be downloaded with a single click, ready to be printed.

iFlow for Employees

Employees have online access to the application to add leave requests, overtime hours, or time off, clock in or out, or check the planned work schedule. All information is updated in real-time and available in one place.

Extra iFlow Modules

Project Management

iPM by iFlow is the complete module for monitoring employees' time spent on tasks and projects. iFlow provides real-time information on project status and how employees carry out their activities. Instantly know which projects are completed or delayed to make informed decisions.

Employee Evaluation

Each employee receives the evaluation template and completes it in complete confidentiality, and the supervisor only sees the responses. The supervisor can make well-informed decisions regarding employee promotion, bonus allocation, or letting go of employees no longer aligned with the company's policies.

Automatic Time Bank

iFlex represents the most advanced and widely used iFlow module for accurately and automatically recording overtime hours. iFlex is your employees' time bank, and with its help, you can have a clear record of hours worked, recovered, paid, or to be processed. Eliminate manual calculations and errors.

Document Archive

iDOCS is the digital solution for your company's documents, offering an efficient alternative to physical files and folders. All company documents can be generated and automatically filled out, and you can digitally sign them directly in the application. Manage your company's documents and organize them wherever you are.

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Streamline your employees’ management and increase productivity in your HR department.