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iFlow Kiosk

For employees without access to technology

We created the iFlow Kiosk to be intuitive and user-friendly for everyone, even for employees with reading difficulties. With a simple scan of the RFID card, you can add or check any relevant information without issues.

Discover iFlow Kiosk - Technology access solutions for employees without experience or smart devices!

Optimize your leave request and approval process with iFlow Kiosk!

Your employees can submit leave requests and check their status on our intuitive device. The team leader can approve requests on any device, even from their mobile phone, and the employee is automatically notified. Simplify leave management with iFlow Kiosk - Our innovative solution meets your and your employee's needs!

Work hours tracking

Your staff can check how many hours have been clocked in a specific period and whether they have adhered to the working norm or scheduled hours.

Work schedule planning

Employees can check how they are scheduled to work and what shifts they are assigned to.

Streamline time off management with iFlow Kiosk!

Employees can quickly record their time off on the iFlow Kiosk and await the approval notification. Discover how iFlow Kiosk can help you streamline the permission registration and approval process in your organization!

Adding overtime hours

Record overtime hours in the iFlow Kiosk, and the team leader can decide whether to approve them directly in the system. Simplify the process with our innovative solution!

iFlow Kiosk - The right digital solution for every employee

Regardless of familiarity with technology or reading difficulties, iFlow Kiosk provides a simple and intuitive experience for all employees. No prior digital knowledge is required!

iFlow Kiosk - The HR tool for your employee

Complete kit

Resistant to humidity, dust, cold, and heat, iFlow Kiosk provides maximum performance and 24/7 access.

What requests can employees make?

  • Paid leave
  • Special leave
  • Time off
  • Business Trip
  • Overtime

What information can they access?

  • Work schedule
  • Clock-in hours
  • Paid leave balance
  • Request status
  • Documents

No installation required

You receive the devices pre-configured and ready to use, avoiding hiring a professional to install them.

USB port

Connect the printer to the iFlow Kiosk and provide employees with access to document printing.

What our customers say

iFlow is successfully used by 500+ romanian and international companies with over 45k registered employees.

The iFlow timekeeping application is simple and intuitive, making it easy for our colleagues to use it anytime and from any device. At the same time, it allows us to monitor the overall situation of all employees, with all information securely stored in the cloud. Throughout the implementation process, we were closely supported by iFlow consultants. Any issues we encountered were addressed clearly and promptly, considering our needs and feedback.


For our company, the iFlow application is a real advantage. The application streamlines the work of the HR department and beyond by quickly downloading timesheets, recording and approving leaves, permissions, and compensatory time off, all with just one click. We appreciate the developer's involvement in our training, the materials provided online, and the adaptability to any situation through regular updates. We enjoy all the benefits brought by being part of the iFlow family.


Why iFlow Kiosk?

Digital solution

Simplify the processes of leave registration, overtime monitoring, and communication with employees in an efficient and accessible way. Reliable and resilient in any work environment, iFlow Kiosk is the perfect solution for optimizing human resources operations and ensuring a seamless experience for your employees.

Easy implementation

With iFlow Kiosk, deploying the device is fast and effortless. It doesn't require any complicated setup or configuration, as it's pre-configured and ready for immediate use. Equipped with an intuitive interface and proven durability in harsh conditions like humidity, dust, cold, or heat, iFlow Kiosk delivers an efficient solution for personnel management.

Customized access

Concise and well-organized information designed for quick viewing and understanding. With iFlow Kiosk, you can effortlessly set up access and permissions for each employee individually or by user type. Whether it's for leave registration, managing work schedules, or accessing specific information, you have complete control.


Build an Efficient Communication Culture with iFlow Kiosk! Your HR department can communicate transparently and efficiently with employees, who in turn can access up-to-date information and communicate with team leaders through the iFlow Kiosk device. Promote open communication in your organization with iFlow Kiosk!