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iFlow Human Resources

Human Resource is a vital department for any business. A company’s success is granted by its employees and their constant development. iFlow app helps you improve workforce management and reduces the manual processes of your HR department.

iFlow - Trusted HR partner

Unlimited number of employees

iFlow supports an unlimited number of employees. Therefore, iFlow is an app suitable for any company, including small, medium-sized, or large enterprises.

Import your employees from Excel

For the fast set-up of your iFlow account, use the feature Import Employees from Excel. This is a quick way to transfer your employees and their data into the app.

We centralized vacation days and we stopped using Google Sheets. iFlow is some kind of one-stop-shop for timesheets, paid leave days, employee requests. Now is easier to keep track of vacations and paid leave requests, as we never lose from our sight what's going on in our company. It saves us time and energy. Thank you!


Digital Employee Documents

Create your own employees` request forms. Enjoy those documents automatically completed, every time you need them.

Keep the Workplace Hierarchy

Choose different categories of iFlow users and maintain your company’s management levels inside the app.

Discover iFlow

Employees of over 2K companies have already registered in iFlow to use the app in their HR departments. They all recommend this efficient and easy-to-use HR app. Join our community now!