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Automatic Shifts Planner

Are you tired of manual work schedule planning? With iFlow, you can create work schedule models and assign them to employees with just one click!

How does the shifts planner work?

Set up work shifts

With just a few clicks, you create the work schedule model, make the necessary settings, and define it.

Assign the work schedule

Assigning the work schedule is done with just one click. You choose the appropriate one from the list of models easily and quickly.

Plan quickly and easily

Select the start and end dates for the application. The rotation rules for the already created shifts will be automatically applied.

Easily track the schedule

The Work Schedule panel is very accessible. All the necessary data is readily available for both administrators and employees.

Automatic work schedule allocation

Set all the rules regarding the work schedule in your company and start using an automated tool to allocate shifts and work schedules. The application notifies you when the quota has been exceeded or not met, allowing you to quickly identify instances when days off are not respected, thus avoiding errors in the timesheet.

The significant benefit lies in the speed of creating work schedule models and assigning them to employees or teams with just a few clicks.

Registered VS. Planned

Easily and quickly verify whether the employee has adhered to the planned work schedule by comparing what was assigned to them and what they recorded. The employee can also verify this information themselves to take measures to ensure that everything aligns with the initial planning by the end of the month.

Transparency and fairness through the implementation of company rules within the application.

Organizing Work Schedule in iFlow

Fixed work schedule

Does your company use a standard work schedule? In iFlow, you can allocate it to all employees for up to three years or only to specific departments.

Shift work schedule

Whether you have two or three shifts, in iFlow, you define and establish how they should repeat. Shifts can be assigned to individual employees or teams.

12/24 and 24/48 work schedule

Even the most atypical shifts can be defined in the application and assigned to employees without exceeding the working quota or violating consecutive days off.

Flexible schedule

Allow employees to enter their working hours themselves. At the end of the month, you will have a complete timesheet report based on the recorded hours.

Automatically set breaks

When creating work schedule models, you can add the appropriate break time according to each schedule. iFlow applies the pattern for the selected period and calculates the worked hours based on the set break.

The application considers rest time when calculating the overtime hours worked by employees

Legally compliant

Regardless of a company's preferred work schedule type, the law specifies certain permissible working hours per week. In iFlow, you can easily set the quota for each employee, and the application notifies you if the legal limit is being met.

Depending on the established schedule, iFlow uses a color-coded system to inform you whether the quota is being met or if there are planned overtime hours

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