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As technology advances and work methods change, companies adapt to these changes everywhere. As daily timekeeping has become mandatory in recent years, solutions have been developed to facilitate this process.

"The employer is obliged to keep a record of the daily working hours of each employee at the workplace, highlighting the start and end time of the working schedule, and to submit this record to labor inspectors whenever requested."

Digital Attendance with iFlow

The iFlow timekeeping & HR application incorporates various digital attendance methods suitable for different types of employees in various industries.


8 different attendance methods


Unlimited number of employees


Real-time notifications

Attendance via Mobile Phone

Probably the most accessible method of attendance in iFlow, this can be done from one's phone, regardless of the location. iFlow is a cloud-based application, thus requiring an internet connection. Employees can register their entry and exit times down to the minute through the phone's browser. Additionally, the application captures GPS location, allowing superiors to know the exact attendance location.

This attendance method is suitable for both office-based and mobile employees.

Attendance via Laptop/Computer

Similar to attendance via mobile phone, attendance via laptop or computer only requires an internet connection and the preferred browser. Employees can record their real-time presence in the office or work from home with a single click. This attendance method is preferred by telecommuting employees to maintain a record of their daily presence from the comfort of their own homes.

Regardless of the daily number of entries and exits, iFlow accurately calculates the data for any work schedule.

Attendance via iFlow Industrial Device

Employees can easily and quickly clock in by scanning their own RFID card, and the device captures a photo at that moment. This practice discourages delays or the exchange of cards among colleagues. Using the touch screen device, the employee selects the project they are currently working on. The team leader or manager can see the progress of a specific project/task/order from the attendance-based progress report. Moreover, the person with higher access can directly modify the estimated progress from the attendance device to maintain accuracy.

This mode of operation is beneficial in any company, simplifying communication between employees and the HR department or designated leader.

Attendance via iFlow Mini PC

The iFlow Mini PC attendance device is compact and easily placed anywhere. Along with the RFID card reader, it becomes a suitable attendance tool for any company wishing to digitize this aspect of human resources. The only requirements for its operation are a power connection and internet access for real-time data transmission to the iFlow application. The device also functions offline, and the data will be transmitted to the application once the internet connection is restored.

Scanning the RFID card to record attendance is quick and easy for employees, ensuring timekeeping accuracy.

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Attendance via Suprema Access Control Devices

Already have access control software implemented in your company? No problem. All the data can be transferred to iFlow by integrating the two systems. This way, the supervisor will always know when the employee started work. They can also determine the time difference between when employees entered the premises and when they became productive.

Integration with the Suprema access control system results in more precise records of actual presence.

Attendance via iFlow RFID Card Reader

The RFID card reader is a device that can be easily connected to any laptop or computer via a USB cable. It allows employees to clock in with their RFID cards in seconds, eliminating the need for additional attendance devices.

The data is instantly transmitted to the iFlow application, which generates precise attendance reports down to the second.

Attendance via QR Code

Attendance via QR code is a perfect solution for companies with mobile employees who frequently change work locations. Recording attendance through a QR code does not require access to the iFlow application but is performed using mobile phones. The employer prints an automatically generated QR code for each work location from the application. It is then displayed in a visible location for everyone to scan with their phones to record attendance.

Employees enter their unique assigned code or employee number; real-time attendance data is transmitted to the application. This way, the team leader or manager always knows whether employees adhere to their schedules.

Attendance via Link

Attendance via link is suitable for companies that want digitalization without substantial investments and for employees unfamiliar with technology. Employee attendance is responsible for a single team leader or superior who receives a link through email, phone, or another preferred messaging form. They then enter the unique code for each employee or their employee number. The exact process is followed for recording the exit time.

This quick and straightforward process works like any other attendance method and helps supervisors maintain a clear attendance record down to the minute.

Transparent Reporting and Accurate Payroll Calculation

The information gathered through any attendance method is consolidated in the iFlow application, which automatically generates completed attendance reports. Digitalizing timekeeping not only involves recording attendance itself but also automating the reporting process. This saves valuable time for the HR department or HR personnel, which can be used to develop other areas of the company.

Implementing such a solution benefits all parties involved regardless of the chosen attendance method. It results in more motivated employees, accurate reports, and clear attendance records.