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Employee Evaluation

Keep track of your employees and reports on productivity and satisfaction in your company with iPR.

Purpose of evaluation

Maintaining open and honest communication within a company is crucial, but when there is a large number of employees, this becomes challenging. iPR comes to your aid.

Tracking professional progress

Performance reports

Efficiency analysis

Improvement of resources

Why is it essential to evaluate employees?

Evaluation enhances productivity and employee development, leading to a more efficient workforce and improved business performance.


Performance monitoring

The feedback and suggestions provided through the evaluation help improve employee performance and achieve company goals.


Opportunity identification

Through evaluation, employers can identify employees' training needs and provide the necessary training to advance their skills.


Enhancing communication

Managers can express their constructive opinions to employees regarding the organization's expectations and goals.


Skills analysis

Evaluation can identify talented employees and their potential for development, creating growth opportunities within the company.


Employee motivation

Providing positive feedback and recognizing employees for outstanding performance increases their satisfaction and commitment.


Organizational culture

By encouraging discussions and sharing honest opinions, employers can create an open, transparent, and collaborative work environment.

Using this application has made our work more accessible, and we greatly appreciate the promptness and efficiency demonstrated by the iFlow team in providing us with answers and solutions when needed. A bonus is that the application constantly brings new and valuable features, and the communication of updates is friendly and efficient.



Easy analysis

The evaluation module generates detailed reports for a straightforward interpretation of information. All data is secured and displayed as horizontal and vertical bar graphs, pie charts, or percentages.

These provide objective performance indicators for making decisions regarding bonuses and salary increases.

Accurate data

The HR responsible can select employees and send the evaluation with just a few clicks, and they reach recipients in real time. Employees can complete the evaluation from their profile, in the privacy of their office, or on their mobile phones.

The data is private and accessible only to team leaders or administrators to ensure confidentiality.

Predefined templates

iFlow provides specially designed templates for employee evaluation, containing relevant questions about their satisfaction level and needs within the company.

This way, you can evaluate technical knowledge, productivity, teamwork, and other essential aspects that influence the quality of your employees' work.


With iPR, you can create evaluations tailored to your company's needs, including personalized questions. You record the questions, set the response type and deadline, and send them to employees.

Structured reports are automatically generated in the application, helping you make informed decisions regarding human resource development in your company.

Types of evaluations available in iFlow

Through the evaluations in the application, you will receive constructive feedback from employees and leaders regarding team members and overall job satisfaction, contributing to improving human resource capabilities and efficiency.

Self - evaluation

Employee -
Team Leader

Employee -

Team lider -

Department leader -
Team lider

HR -

Administrator -

Employee -

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