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iFlow for remote teams

Manage teams that are working from home or remote

By using iFlow your employees can check-in to work from any location, the office, their home or on the go. The app registers the GPS location from where your employees checked-in or out. Enjoy tracking your employees easily and fast.

Your HR department works remotely with iFlow

iFlow - the attendance & HR app uses cloud storage for all your data, allowing you to access it at any time, from any device

Manage efficiently

Divide employees by teams or departments and choose team-leaders to manage them.

Home Office

Employees check-in/out from home and the admin can see their registered work time.

Complete certificates

Enjoy automatically filled in requests and certificates for your employees.


Load documents directly in the app in real-time

Do you need documents from your employees? Nothing easier! In iFlow employees can upload any documents, and the admin can download or delete them. The admin or team-leader can add signed documents in the app to access them at any time.

Working from home can be as efficient as working from the office if you are using the right tools.

Personalize iflow app

Create your own type of events

Create an event called Home Office to register all the time your employees are working from home. You can create any other event.

Due to the Home Office event employees can register real working hours. You can choose to have these hours calculated in the timesheet.

iFlow it's an easy to use app that made the work of our HR department simpler. One of the things I enjoy the most is the on-going development. The iFlow team answers quickly to all of the questions or requests. At first, I only intended to use the digitalized timesheet, but with time we started using iFlow for all our documents and reports. Thank you for making our work easier!




Allow employees access to colleagues events

For good company management employees need to be aware of their colleague’s leave. This way they can avoid overlapping their leave with one of his teammates.

Employees can check on the iFlow Dashboard at which hour are their teammates available, depending on what schedule they chose when they added the Home Office event.

Efficiency of the hr department

Digitalize and move your HR department online

iFlow gives you access to information in real-time, from any device, no matter the number of members. The entire HR department can manage data at the same time. With iFlow everything is automatized.

Digitalize work from home with iFlow!

Focus on the success of your company and offer the best experience to your customers. Let iFlow - the time & attendance app handle the management and scheduling of your employees.