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Digitalize your company’s HR department

Manage, schedule, and track your employees' working hours in real-time. iFlow digitalizes all the manual processes you used to do. HR reports, certificates, and requests are all generated automatically.

Digitalize your work

iFlow automatically calculates all the information in the timesheet. You can keep track of your employees' working hours online and easily access this data from any device with just a few clicks.

Overtime hours

Overtime hours will be calculated automatically in the timesheet based on time off hours.

Reports and templates

All the reports and requests are automatically generated with the necessary information.

Employee’s self-service

The upload feature lets Employees add requests for paid leave or any other event in the app.

Zero miscalculations
in the timesheet

Night, weekend, and overtime hours are all automatically calculated in the timesheet based on the work schedule and events.

The efficiency of IL PASSO company increased by 9x due to the use of a digitalized timesheet.

Create your own work shifts

Define unlimited shifts and assign them to your employees based on their department.

The Nobila Casa company reduced by 60% the time spent on setting work shifts.

Structured information

The quick panel in the workspace settings allows you to obtain information about the total planned hours organized by filters such as functions, teams, locations, or shifts.

This way, you'll have an efficient summary of employees' work hours and can easily intervene in situations where a specific shift or location doesn't have enough allocated

Automated checklists

Using the checklists available in iFlow, you can edit all incorrect employee records, such as missing clock-in or clock-out times, punching in at an unplanned time or location, submitting leave requests on days when the employee was present, and other essential details.

As a result, you'll obtain an accurate timekeeping report without manually verifying and correcting all errors.

Avoid annual leave overlap

If your employees can see their colleagues' work schedules, you can avoid overlapping paid leaves for employees within the same department.

The Various Brands company manages the work schedules 4x more efficiently, and employees plan their annual leaves correctly.


The timesheet is generated based on the payroll software template used and can be imported with a single click for quick and accurate payroll calculation.

Extra iFlow modules

Project management

iPM by iFlow is the comprehensive module for tracking employees' time spent on tasks and projects. iFlow provides you with real-time information about project statuses and how employees are performing their activities. You instantly find out which project is completed or delayed to make informed decisions.

Employee performance evaluation

Each employee receives the evaluation template and completes it in full confidentiality, and the responses are seen only by their superior. The superior can then make informed decisions regarding employee promotions, granting bonuses, or parting ways with employees who are no longer aligned with the company's policies.

Automatic time bank

With iFlex, you eliminate possible errors and reduce the time spent on manual calculations for the hours worked by employees during the week, weekends, or legal holidays. It simplifies compensating for overtime hours and efficiently manages benefits, whether it's financial compensation or granting time off.

Document archive

iDOCS is the digital solution for your company's documents, providing you with an efficient alternative to printed folders and files. All company-level documents can be generated and completed automatically, and you can digitally sign them directly within the application. You manage your company's documents in a simple and organized manner, no matter where you are.