Accesible Prices for every Company

From the start-ups to the companies ranking over 100 employees, our prices were created to cover all possible needs.

How many employees do you have?

*iFlow subcriptions are from 10 to 10 employees, that means it's calculated at every 10 employees (if you have 14 employees, you qualify for the 20 employees subscription)

Your monthly fee:



* Prices do not include VAT
*Free for up to 4 employees
Try iFlow for 30 days with your entire team.
No credit card needed.

Got more than 1000 employees? Contact us at: [email protected] and we'll get back to you with a special offer.

Features included

  • First 30 days are free
  • Accessible from anywhere and any device
  • Worksheets automatically generated
  • Customized Reports
  • Attendance sheet automatically filled out
  • Upload any type of document in real time
  • Check-in/out from any device
  • Add unlimited number of employees
  • Manage employees by departments

Payment methods:

  • Pay by card: through Netopia Payments: Visa and Mastercard
  • Pay through bank account: payment order, transfer through internet banking or cash deposit at the cash desk

Can I use iFlow for Free?

Yes! You’re granted 30 days of free access in the application. After the trial ends, you can choose to pay a subscription-based on the number of employees you have added in the app or request to have the account deleted.

How many times do I need to pay?

The subscription for iFlow can be paid monthly or yearly. You can find all the information regarding the availability of your paid subscription for your company’s account in the Company Settings section.

What’s the policy on refund / cancellation of a chosen subscription?

Even though we’re sure you won’t ever need this service, if you request a refund, we can reimburse your paid subscription by 100% within 60 days from the payment date.

Will my iFlow subscription renew automatically?

No. After your first paid subscription, a renewing of it won’t be made without your explicit permission. At the end of your subscription, you can manually pay for a new one.

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