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Leave management

Searching for leave requests and certificates in piles of files is not the most pleasant task. However, it is necessary for accurate salary calculations and future work schedule planning. iFlow comes to the aid of the HR department to simplify the management of all types of leaves.

Online registered leave requests

iFlow is a self-service platform, which means employees can submit their leave requests whenever needed. They can submit requests from any smart device, no matter where they are. The team leader or responsible manager receives real-time notifications when an employee submits a leave request, and they can approve or reject it instantly.

iFlow leave types

Use the predefined leaves in the application or create your custom leave types. Additionally, any manager can create special event leaves to offer employees, such as birthdays, accumulated over time, or other occasions. iFlow is a versatile application that fully allows customization to meet any company's needs.

Predefined leaves in iFlow:





Blood donation


Child's wedding

Employee's wedding

Quick access to information

With all the events consolidated on a single platform, viewing them becomes easy and quick. When information about an employee's past leave is requested, the HR representative can filter the data based on preferences to extract the desired information.

Thus, search time is reduced by accessing iFlow in just a few clicks.

Easy resolution of unforeseen situations

In unforeseen situations where an employee needs sudden medical leave, iFlow is of great help. From anywhere they are, the employee can submit an online request to inform the team leader about the period of absence. Until their return to work, they can upload their medical leave file or the certificate received from the attending physician in just two simple steps.

Communication between the employee and the superior is facilitated, and the HR department is always informed about the situation in the company to make necessary staffing arrangements during absences.

Real-time information

The General Dashboard represents the current month's calendar and added events. iFlow provides an overview of coworkers' activities, allowing employees to plan their leaves based on others' days off. This helps to avoid leave overlap and ensures smooth company operations in this regard.

Moreover, when making a new leave request, employees can choose a colleague to replace them during the corresponding period.

Prepared HR leave and attendance report

iFlow aggregates the recorded data and generates accurate reports instantly. These reports are structured into distinct categories, such as medical and paid leaves. Information can be filtered by periods, employees, teams, or leave types. This provides clear reports about allocated, taken, and remaining days, ready to be downloaded.

The attendance report is always prepared for salary processing and includes leave days for the selected period.

Easy planning

Planning the work schedule for future periods becomes effortless when company activities are clearly visible. The HR personnel's work is significantly simplified.

Everything is more accessible when information is synthesized in one place.

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