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iFLEX - Flexible Work Schedule

Manage your working hours like a PRO

The iFlow automated time bank helps managers and employees understand the actual hours worked, overtime, leave, and the ratio between them to accurately prepare payroll statements.

Shifts and work rotations

Compensated busy period hours

Paid overtime hours

Overtime hours paid with time off

What are the benefits?



Quickly and easily check how many hours have been worked in your company over a year or a specific time. Your employees will know that despite overtime hours, they also have periods with reduced working hours.

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The iFlow time balance helps you do accurate work time planning, provide appropriate time off when needed, or schedule overtime during busy periods in the company.



Say goodbye to manual calculations. iFlow automatically calculates everything: overtime, weekend, or night hours. All calculations are stored in the time bank and can be used for efficient work planning.

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iFlow allows you to incorporate important information into your work schedule. Efficiently plan by adding night, weekend, or overtime hours for 30 days, 60 days, or four months.

Accurate Payroll with iFlow Time Bank

Accurate calculation and reporting of hours worked or not worked by employees is important for the company's proper functioning, but it represents more than that.

The Payroll is always accurate thanks to iFlow's automated calculations, and employees are satisfied with the transparency and fairness of the company.

Is the automated time bank a reality?

Yes! We have received feedback from over 350 companies and have worked for over a year to develop the most desired module. Like most iFlow features, the time bank can be customized to meet your company's needs.

Visual representations are beneficial for interpreting the received information by synthesizing them into horizontal or vertical bar charts, pie charts, or percentages.

Discover the iFlex Time Bank by iFlow

Choose iFlow and see for yourself the existence of the automated time bank!