User Testimonials

Discover the iFlow experience with our customers. Read authentic ideas and impressions about the app’s utility.


iFlow app is simple and intuitive. Easy-to-use by our colleagues, at any time and from any device. At the same time we have an overview of all employees and every piece of information is secured in cloud.
In the implementing process we were closely guided by iFlow consultants. They answered and resolved all of our problems, and always took into consideration our feedback.

Il Passo

For our company, iFlow is a real advantage. Once we implemented it, we managed to have a clear vision over the work schedule and all the changes, even from one day to another. Also, we are saving a lot of time on scheduling due to the automatic shifts, hours calculation, and reports automatically completed.
In the past, we used multiple tables, which were not updated in real-time, and usually, they would not arrive to the proper place.
The app makes the work of the HR department easier and we can quickly download reports, and register leaves, time-off or compensatory time with just one click.
We appreciate all the time and effort from the iFlow team, they offered us a good support and materials, while also made regular updates of the app. We are happy to be part of the iFlow family.


We found out about iFlow immediately after the state of emergency was announced. We were looking for a solution to help us keep track, correctly and efficiently, of our employees who worked from home. We discovered an app that helps us monitor leave days, business trips, work schedule, and work from home. Everything at a really accessible price. We were convinced this was the app we need and we implemented it immediately. iFlow is intuitive, practical, and easy-to-use. In the configuration process, we were closely guided by the iFlow consultants, they were open to our suggestions and helped us personalize the app to fit our organization's needs.

Romanian Institute for Peace

The iFlow platform saved us from papers and working overtime. It offered us a space for timekeeping, leave management, and also for personnel files. Everything is one place and easy-to-access. Also, we are pleased with the quality-price ratio and the receptivity of the customer care department.


Our company has over 80 employees and we needed a automatic solution, mostly for the evidence of paid leaves and calculations of the Timesheet. iFlow turned out to be the best option. Leave requests are filled in automatically and we can access them easily from our accounts. We personalized the Timesheet based on our needs and we enjoy all the error free calculations of working hours and events. The app has a lot of benefits that helped us considerably reduce the amount of time we spend on these tasks. iFlow is our favorite time & attendance solution!

Viamedici Software Lab

IT company

We are an IT company, and the iFlow app helps us to keep time-tracking including for those who work from home. Until now, we held everything on paper, an unacceptable measure for an IT enterprise. I highly recommend it to others, as it’s way easier to organize your employees and it’s more suitable for an IT company.

BNB Invest

House Building Company

We began using iFlow with a bit of incertitude due to the other apps we had used to track on-site attendance. It proved to be “love at first sight” as the schedule is very flexible. Even if the app is not built for a construction company, iFlow lets you create your own attendance system. It's imperative to our company that we have these reports due to the legislation. Also, with the mobile app, we are always online, having the information within our grasp.


General Manager

I'm glad that we can find a product on the Romanian market that can help people be more organized in their companies, saving time and money. Congratulations for your service!

Luiza Daneliuc

Smart Tax Advisors

iFlow shows a real timetracking status to every user, including employees, human resources, and financial departments. Furthermore, this app can even empower every member to manage some of the HR responsibilities. The employees are those who register their vacations, medical leave or time-off, overtime, and absences, while HR only needs to check and approve them. iFlow app is a valuable and effective automatization service software!


Construction Company

I’m thrilled and happy using this application. It helped me a lot with my accountancy tasks as well as to keep track of my employees’ working hours. You are a great team, trying to design something unique. Wish you the best of luck! I just adore the iFlow app. Kisses!


Web Development Company

Before the use of this app, we used to keep attendance in a notebook, so this is a vast improvement! Efficiency, visibility, there’s no more need to stress over keeping daily attendance because the program does it for you. I wholeheartedly recommend it because it is easy to use and it keeps up with the legislative laws. Not to mention the fantastic team behind the app who have promptly answered my questions. Keep doing a great job!

Alexandra Cozac

iFlow changed the way we manage HR reports and turned a mess into order and organization. Automated timekeeping, employee records, holiday and time-off records per employee, requests, and reports generated automatically with accurate data, immediate account to the HR department, employee attendance worksheets, etc. iFlow is one of the tools needed to simplify the life of an entrepreneur, especially if the entrepeneur himself manages a microenterprise and does not have an employee to oversee this. Within a few minutes per month, we make enough progress through the iFlow app that would have otherwise taken us hours in Excel. Moreover, it’s hosted on Cloud, available in your browser anywhere and at any time. The costs are negligible if you take into account the saved up time, the simplicity in every process, and the certainty of its accuracy. P.S. for iFlow: Never get lazy. You have an amazing product on the road to greatness!

Veronica N.

Vas Auto Glass Ploiești SRL

The iFlow app helps us consistently in organizing our employees’ work schedules, especially after persistent changes. Easy, fast, efficient.

Polaris Medical

This online app is extremely intuitive. This is rare, and we can clearly tell that they are working on the "Front-end" at least as much as they do on the "Back-end". We like that it is fluid and accessible anywhere and from any device. They helped us quickly with all the personalized settings we needed. It will surely remain our main attendance app, and if they develop other apps, we will sure subscribe to them.

IT Genetics

iFlow was the exact solution for us when we had to implement work from home at the start of the pandemic.
With the help of iFlow, we could easily keep track of the hours worked from home, register and track all leaves, and coordinate quickly between teams because we have continuous access to the employees' schedules.
Another big advantage is the fact that all the information is in one place, and all the reports can be easily generated. IT Genetics supports local businesses, and iFlow demonstrated that they are a good partner, because they are a serious team that communicates well. This is the reason why, we recommend iFlow to anyone who needs a timekeeping solution that is modern and efficient.

Lecom Birotica

This is out 3rd year using iFlow for planning the work schedule of our employees. It is easy-to-use by everyone, and we can have differentiate schedules for teams, employees and work spaces. Also, we can keep track and manage all the leaves, overtime hours and we directly export the timesheet to the payroll software.
Ever since we started using iFlow we completely stopped using paper for our reports. I recommend this app due to its flexibility and capacity of adapting to each company's needs and intern procedures!


A useful and friendly app. Moreover, it's intuitive and very easy to use! We love how fast the iFlow team responds to our demands and implements our needed modifications. The app eases the work of our HR department as well as others. With a single click, you can download the timekeeping & attendance reports.


iFlow is a unique app in Romania which covers some necessities that no other app does. It is a timekeeping app that makes a difference for any human resources department, especially for companies with different working schedules or flexible shifts. iFlow is not perfect, but it can indeed become perfect. An app evolves if the people creating it are open to feedback and solution-oriented. What convinced us to work with iFlow was precisely this: the people behind the app are open to help new clients. This is why the app becomes better and better. Congrats to the developing team and Beatrice and Elisa because they are making a difference in customer service!

SocialBee Labs

Marketing Agency

iFlow is a very useful and user-friendly app. It can be easily used by both the HR department and the company’s employees. It has helped us organize everything better and savetime, as we no longer do any manual timekeeping. Also, this automated method is much more organized and simple, minimizing any human error. This efficiency with which we manage our company’s timekeeping and attendance helps us communicate easily with our employees and planning different projects. Furthermore, the support provided by the iFlow team met our expectations. If we had any issues or if we didn’t know how to use a feature from the app, the iFlow team promptly and patiently explained to us how it functions.
Thank you, iFlow team! Keep up the good work!

Delia Mircea

Accounting Website Owner

Congratulations to iFlow for the brilliant idea. Romania’s companies need new apps that are both efficient and effervescent to raise productivity. Congratulations and good luck for the future!

Mithras Build

Building Company

It helped a lot. The app's main advantages are its speed and flexibility. I would definitely recommend it to other companies as it's real progress. Team iFlow, keep it up!


iFlow is a useful and intuitive app, for all the employees within our company. It was easy to work with iFlow, because it reduces the time spent on manual processes. The features we enjoy the most are being able to download documents for our employees, and that we can easily track the work schedule.


IT Company

It's useful for generating timesheets, leave applications, and more. The app's interface is intuitive, and I strongly believe it performs seamlessly for large amounts of employees.


Automotive Service Company

The iFlow app is very useful and intuitive. The reporting system is a real help, and one of the main benefits is that every team member can easily access the application.


iFlow is an app that made our work easier and it's very intuitive. A special thing that we would like to mention is a huge thank you for all the support the team offered us. They always helped us with any problems along the way. We noticed improvements are still coming. Thank you a lot. We wish good luck to your admirable team!

Swiss Solutions

We found the iFlow app from a need for improving the bureaucracy and transparency within our team. We’re only 50 people; however, it is crucial to us that we move efficiently and know of each others’ schedules. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that such a new app could offer so much already. What I enjoy even more is that the iFlow team continually comes up with improvements and is open to suggestions. It’s still at the beginning of the road, but we recommend it wholeheartedly!

Elena Olaru

Fire Logistics SRL

We’ve been using iFlow for some time now, and we can honestly say that it is a very efficient and intuitive way of organizing and generating attendance reports. Moreover, the support team has quickly answered any of our queries; they’ve been very open to suggestions, and have consistently come up with improvements to the app. Keep up the excellent work!

Iuliana Polojan


The iFlow app is exactly what I needed. Not only me, but many others employers and/or entrepreneurs that are just starting. In my opinion, it is well-conceived, easy-to-use and since I'm using it I noticed upgrades. All I can do is thank the team behind this service. Congratulation for the initiative and for the beyond reproach customer service!

Nobila Casa

COVID-19 brought a lot of changes to Mendola Group. It accelerated the transition to digital processes and made us adapt and be more receptive to smart and paperless solutions. One of the apps we enjoyed the most last year is iFlow. The necessity for a user-friendly and click-based solution was clear to us. Before, we lost a lot of time in finding the differences between the planning and the real attendance. We have a lot of useless calls and emails just because we didn't have one platform for all. We completely got rid of Excels , papers, and signatures. Everything in iFlow is in real-time. Requesting a leave only takes a few seconds. iFlow gives us transperancy and access to information even from our own pocket (phone).
My colleagues were excited from the start about iFlow, and even now, they still say how useful and easy it is to use. The awesome team behind this product, we want to thank you for all the support! The customer care team is quick, polite, and receptive to our needs. We are happy with all the updates and new features. Keep up the good work!