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iFlow for IT departments

Manage IT teams more efficiently

In iFlow, your employees can register their flexible work schedule and remote work easily.

Increase productivity level

iFlow - the attendance & HR app uses cloud storage for all your data, allowing you to access it at any time, from any device.

Manage efficiently

Divide employees by teams or departments and choose team-leaders to manage them.

Home Office

Employees check-in/out from home and the admin can see their registered work time.

Upload documents

Employees can upload documents for their requests directly in the app.

Flexible hours for your employees

Overtime and time-off report - exactly what you need

In iFlow time off is automatically calculated based on overtime hours. Employees can see in their profile the number of hours left to compensate for.

Viamedici Software Lab used to track all their working hours on paper. By using iFlow they have shortened by 70% the time they take to track attendance. From now, they can focus on developing projects for their company’s success.

Customize iflow

Create your own event types

Create a Home Office event to register the hours your employees work from home. You can add any type of customized event based on your needs.

Codeagile got rid of files and enjoys being able to see all the paid leave days - online, with just one click.

Visibility for all employees

Allow employees access to colleagues events

For good company management employees need to be aware of their colleague’s leave. This way they can avoid overlapping their leave with one of his teammates.

SocialBee are content with their new digitalized way of keeping track of their employee’s attendance. Also, since they are using iFlow they have 0 errors in their timesheets.

Multiple integrations

Work with your favorite tools

Use iFlow API key to integrate the app with your tools.

IT Teams choose #Digitalwork

Focus on your company’s projects and on the success of your business. Leave employee management and work scheduling to iFLOW - the attendance & HR app.