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iFlow Reminders

Manage and meet all the important deadlines with iNotify. Set reminders, add notes and get notified at the right time!


Maximize productivity by fully controlling when you or your employees get notified.

Email messages

Select the option to send an email each time you create a notification to ensure maximum deliverability.


Add personalized messages to your notifications to adapt them to any specific case.

Available reminders


The general reminders makes it easy to send important messages and receiving notifications about future events. For example, you can create an event for work anniversaries of your employees or for checking the attendance and the closing of the month.

Leave and overtime

Do you want to know when your employees leave or return from vacation leave? Or the limits for compensating overtime hours with time off? Reminders are the way! They are available for both the administrator and employees. It allows them to see the message in their account and confirm receiving it.


Reminders ensure that all the essential information in the company are updated, such us contracts, IDs and employees' professional certifications. The feature prevents from keeping outdated documents and guarantees legal compliance.

How does iNotify help you?

The iFlow app becomes your trusted partner for managing daily activities. Below are some examples of reminders you can set up:

Edit a document
created by employee

Approve requests
from the application

Check employee

Print reports at the
end of the month

Allocation of leave

Add the work


a new project

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