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HR Reports

The iFlow software reports are automatically filled in with the most useful information for the HR department and the employers. With their help, your choices will be more accurate!

Why iFlow?

Because you get a series of reports automatically calculated and completed. Forget about manual work and avoid extra costs caused by human errors.

Timesheet based on custom work shifts

Create your own work shifts and generate the timesheet based on them. You can print it and post it for the employees without internet access.

Check-in/Check-out of work from any device

Your employees can use this feature to record their worked hours. iFlow app automatically detects the location from where they checked in and out.

Timesheet based on a planned schedule

Plan the work schedule for all your employees with any time interval. Enjoy the timesheet paper automatically completed.

Timekeeping Sheet

The online attendance worksheet from iFlow’s timekeeping app was created to meet every company’s needs. For this to be possible, we created a Settings panel for iFlow. This panel gives you full control! You choose exactly what you want to be generated or what data it should contain. For example, an employee’s date of employment or their termination of employment contract could be shown. Show the sum of all the overtime hours worked during the night or weekend, make an account to discover all the options available to you within a single click.

Meal voucher reports

Have you grown tired of manually calculating how many meal vouchers you need to hand out per employee? With iFlow, everything gets easier. iFlow keeps a detailed account through its attendance worksheet directly used by your employees. With every event added by an employee, the number of workdays per month is calculated automatically so that the amount per employee can be found out instantly! Use the extra time to work on the things that your company values and makes it stand out.

Paid leave reports

Employers always have to be mindful of the paid leave days left from previous years. According to the legislation, an employer has around 18 months from the end of the year to offer the remaining paid leave days to their employees. With iFlow you can quickly check how many vacation days each employee has, per year, every year. This report can be filtered based on the teams or departments and can also be ordered in an ascending or descending manner. It's a piece of cake to find out who has the most paid leave days or the oldest ones and make decisions accordingly.

The results of using iFlow are more than satisfying. The new method to organize timesheets is easier than the classic pen-and-paper version. In our company, the iFlow app was welcomed with open arms and great enthusiasm. It's just one click away to download a timesheet, which makes the app extremely easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with technology.

Elit SRL

Medical leave report

It’s essential to keep track of all the sick days every employee has had in the past year. That’s where the iFlow app comes in to help you. See each employees’ sick leaves and the number of paid sick days that have been reimbursed by the company.

Overtime Hours and Time off

This report gives you an entire sheet of the time off and overtime hours taken by each employee and is made specifically for companies that do not pay overtime due to the automatic calculation of the difference between both. You’re informed continuously of each employee’s time off and overtime to re