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iFlow for cleaning companies

Management of teams that frequently change location

Many companies have problems monitoring employees who work in different locations. With the help of iFlow, employees will clock-in digitally from any location, and the application will automatically centralize all data securely and correctly.

Scheduling work shifts by locations

All information in the iFlow Time & HR app is stored in the Cloud and can be accessed at any time, from any device, in real time.

Efficient management

Monthly planning is done quickly with a few clicks, selecting the schedule and places where employees are to perform their work.

Increased safety

No location will remain uncovered, and there will be enough employees at a certain work point to perform their established tasks.

Automatic reporting

The automatically generated attendance sheet provides an overview of the teams and locations for which the planning was done.

tools for field work

Mobile clock-in by location

The application allows a digital clock-in from any smart device with internet connection, the phone being the most used option for mobile staff. In iFlow you can easily and quickly add an unlimited number of locations where employees work.

If there are no predefined locations, the location is automatically registered by GPS, so staff monitoring is a breeze for the superior, who finds out in real-time from which point of work and when the employees were registered.

Alternative clock-in methods

Do you have employees who are unfamiliar with technology? The weblink or PIN code clock-in method is suitable for employees who do not have smartphones or are unfamiliar with digital technology. In this sense, they will be clocked in by the person in charge of the default location by a unique employee code or PIN code without requiring access to iFlow.

iFlow provides an accurate calculation of recorded hours. The live attendance report is automatically updated regardless of the type of clock-in used.


In iFlow, all employees can upload documents from any device, visible in real-time. Thus, medical leave, certificates, requests for delegations, travel orders, or others will be received instantly by the administrator. These will be presented in physical format as soon as possible.

Live attendance notifications

Effective monitoring of employees and teams

iFlow automatically sends notifications to the supervisor when someone on his team did not show up on time or from the default location.

Such measures are appropriate for frequent delays and help the team leader to check on employees who are not doing their job properly.

Permanently informed employees

The iFlow application promptly notifies any employee when they have clocked in from the wrong location or were late, thus giving them time to correct the error. This method of monitoring is becoming a necessity to ensure the smooth functioning of cleaning companies.

Efficient organization and automatic integration

Make employee monitoring more efficient and enjoy flexibility and versatility in timekeeping. Leave the scheduling of work shifts for the field staff for the iFlow Time & HR application!