6 Working From Home Tips And How To Stay Productive

Working from home is a very beneficial concept in the current times. For employees, it’s a great way to keep the same productivity while being with their families or taking care of personal work. For those facing medical conditions, working from home is also the greatest option, as it enables them to stay home and work at the same time. During the strange year we’ve been through, many companies turned to this great tool in order to remain productive and relevant. In this article, you will find 6 work from home tips and how to stay productive while doing so.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear someone say they are working from home? Do you imagine somebody dressed in pajamas, sitting comfortably on a sofa with a laptop in their arms, coffee by their side? Or is it someone having a chic decorated office space, soft music playing and a fancy ergonomic chair? Or perhaps, you imagine someone in a coffee shop sipping cappuccino and having a Zoom meeting with colleagues? Well, whatever you’re thinking, you’re not far from the truth. Working from home is ALL of that. 

Working from home offers a lot of flexibility and improves the work-life balance for employers. But in order for this arrangement to succeed, there are a few rules that need to be abided, even for the most motivated person. 

6 Tips On How To Remain Productive

While Working From Home

1. Create a comfortable working space. Some might prefer a hand-picked desk to work from home, while some might feel comfortable on a couch. Either way, don’t get TOO cozy, or else your productivity might drop or you could fall asleep. Choose an ergonomic position and get yourself in the working mode.

work from home minimal desk

2. Make sure you have a good internet connection. Nothing is worse than taking unwanted breaks while your internet connection slows down. Talk to your employer if you need better conditions to make your work from home easier. 

work from home laptop

3. Maintain a consistent work program. Plan your work day ahead. Get up at a certain hour, start working on schedule, take breaks when needed, and finish your work before you clock out. Following the same program or at least a similar one each day is important in order to stay on track with the working concept. 

work from home planners 1
work from home planners 2

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4. Leave chores for after you’ve finished your working hours. Many people feel compelled to wash dishes, load the laundry machine or fold some clothes while being home. Those activities take time even if you don’t realize, and you can’t afford to reduce your time on duty.

work from home chores

5. Take breaks! It is very easy to get absorbed in what you’re working on, but clearing your head once in a while is very important. Get away from your laptop, play some relaxing music, call a friend, go for a walk or even read some pages from a book. You need to disengage, or else you’ll feel tired before you know it.

work from home breaks

6. Socialize with your co-workers, even from afar. Do regular meetings on Slack, Zoom, or whatever you like. Share ideas, have a brainstorm session, or just unwind over a quick virtual coffee. Keeping in touch with them gives a sense of belonging to a team that shares the same goals. 

online meetings work from home

Do you even miss your office? Remember that there is more to life than just work, and despite the fact that your home becomes your office, the other areas of your house that are for entertainment, family and pets, yoga, are still there and you don’t have to commute in order to get there! 

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