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Are your employees both working from home and from the office? Your companies has multiple sites and you want to track everyone’s attendance in one place? You can use iFlow for both these situations.

Below I will present you some examples of situations when iFlow can be the perfect tool.

Construction Industry

iFlow is ideal for construction companies and here is why:

  • you can create an unlimited number of locations, from where our employees can check-in/out
  • your employees can added their own attendance or their leader/site-manager can
  • employees can check-in/out to multiple locations during the same day
  • reports can be filtered based on every location, or multiple locations

Different sites/locations

When the company has multiple locations/sites from where the employees can work, you can easily create a location for each office in the app and your employees will check-in/out individually for each one.

Reports are automatically created and can be filtered based on your needs.

Working from home

Create a special location called “Home Office” or “Work from Home” and your employees will use this location to register their hours from home. You can easily generate reports to see who is working from home and who is at the office.

No matter the location they selected, each attendance registered in the app has an exact GPS location.

Other advantages

  • The attendance from different locations can be registered using RFID systems, a mobile phone or a PC.
  • Employees can add their own attendance or their superior can
  • Each employee can have different permissions

You want to learn more? Schedule a demo with one of our specialists, create an account for free and learn from video tutorials how to use iFlow.

Iulia S.
Iulia S.
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