Ethiopia – Public Holidays In 2021

Public holidays are usually non-working days during the year established by law. In general, these are days of celebration, like the anniversary of a significant historical event, or they can be religious celebrations. Some countries have national laws that make some or all public holidays paid holidays, while in some, there are no such laws. In these cases, many firms provide days off as paid or unpaid holidays. Here you can find the public holidays of Ethiopia in 2021.

Public Holidays for Ethiopia

Ethiopian ChristmasThursday, January 07, 2021
TimketTuesday, January 19, 2021
Adwa Victory DayTuesday, March 02, 2021
Labor DayFriday, April 30, 2021
Ethiopian Easter SundaySunday, May 02, 2021
Patriots’ Victory DayWednesday, May 05, 2021
Eid al-FitrThursday, May 13, 2021
Derg Downfall DayFriday, May 28, 2021
Eid al-AdhaTuesday, July 20, 2021
Ethiopian New YearSaturday, September 11, 2021
MeskelMonday, September 27, 2021
Prophet Muhammad’s BirthdayTuesday, October 19, 2021

Tip: How to use the public holidays to your advantage:

  • When a public holiday is set on a friday, take the monday off and enjoy an extended week-end (or viceversa).
  • If a public holiday is set in the middle of the week, take the remaining days off, and benefit of a small vacation by using fewer paid leave days.
  • When two public holidays are very close together, take off the days between them for a little recreation time.
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