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One of the major benefits of a Cloud application is the ability to update it in real time without much hassle. At iFlow, a team of skilled programmers is constantly working to improve the platform, to increase the quality and complexity. Together with the sales team that has direct contact with the companies that use iFlow, they filter the feedback and build the reality from the most ardent wishes of the customers. So what’s new in the iFlow 4.9.1 update? Find out everything in this article.

NEW – Activity report for projects and work tasks

This report comes to the aid of cleaning, construction, manufacturing companies, or any company that works on projects, tasks, or orders. Probably the most comprehensive report in iFlow 4.9.1, it includes all the relevant data on employee efficiency. Divided into teams or individual employees, the manager of any company can see in real time how much time has been allocated to each project.

For a site manager, it is important to know how many hours have been allocated to a project such as the building’s foundation, in order to estimate the date when it will be completed. Depending on this data, the person in charge of the work may pass on the information to the contractor. Reports may also be attached to the invoice to justify the hours required to be paid. With a single click, the report is downloaded, ready to be printed.

update iflow 4.9.1

Take a production company, for example. It is necessary for the manager to know how long it takes to complete a product. After registering the attendance of employees, this becomes very easy to follow. The responsible supervisor will always be informed about the real-time progress of a particular project or order, and then can find out the estimated time spent on each task.

Thus, he knows exactly how many employees are needed to complete a product, if they have to increase their number, or if the time is enough to complete the order. In iFlow, it will soon be possible to see the progress in real time, in percentages, of a certain work or order, depending on the time required for it.

For a complete and complex report, all the data in the application can be displayed by simply choosing the necessary options, directly from the application interface. You no longer have to waste valuable time collecting data, it is automatically generated according to the activity in iFlow.

Read more details on how to use the Activity report in this article.

Automatic calculation of paid leave when an employment contract is terminated or suspended

For a Human Resources manager, time is very precious. This field is so vast that all duties require more time than there is in a working day. That’s why iFlow 4.9.1 automates time-consuming tasks so that everything runs smoothly and easily. A simple assignment such as calculating the leave days remaining for an employee until the expiration of the contract is tedious, especially in companies with constant staff fluctuations.

In iFlow, all data about used and available leave days is automatically calculated based on the employee’s activity in the app. Each company has a predetermined number of days off available. iFlow 4.9.1 automatically divides the days per months so that when a termination date is added, you will be notified exactly how many days the employee has left until he leaves.

update iflow 4.9.1

In the event of returning to the same position within the company, such as the parent who remains on maternity / paternity leave, on return, the application will recalculate how many days will be available from that date. Likewise, when the contract is extended for a specified period, the leave days are calculated and updated automatically, correctly and accurately.

In iFlow 4.9.1 you have all the data of your employees at hand, it is not necessary to search through leave request papers and other handwritten documents. They are prone to errors or risk being lost. This is not the case with iFlow, as all data is stored securely in the Cloud, ready to be accessed from any device, from anywhere.

Find out how to automatically recalculate user inactivity / activation leave days in this article.

Simplification of adding new users to iFlow 4.9.1

For a pleasant and easy use, we have added new fields to the functionality of adding new employees. From now on, the data you can write when registering a new employee in iFlow will be more complete, to avoid further additions. In extension to the name, the team they belong to, and the email address, you can write down which user category they belong to, team member or administrator, the employment interval (start and end date of the contract), and their working norm. 

Also, depending on the employment date, the application automatically calculates how many leave days are due by the end of the year, or if the employee has a short-term contract, until it ends. Let’s not forget the option to add the work schedule until the end of the year, which allows the selection of work shifts already existing in the application.

All these options aim to make it easier to add new users to the application without too much hassle.

Employee reviews with complete data

Evaluations are very important in a company, in order to award bonuses based on performance, or to find out the degree of employee satisfaction. Of course, the reviews are of many kinds, and in iFlow there are both some standard templates and the possibility to design new ones, from scratch. 

The novelty in the Reviews module is that when an administrator verifies the reviews completed by the employees, the data of the employee who completed the evaluation are displayed in the first rows. This information is important to keep track of the last review’s date, and thus can make a clear comparison between the last review and the current one. At the same time, the department to which the employee belongs, the position held, and the date of employment appear here.

And for a more aesthetic look, now there is an option to add subtitles among the reviews’ rows, thus separating each set of questions. The reviews module is still in Beta, so the team of programmers is working on developing a detailed report for it. When updated, the supervisor will be able to generate reports that will give him an overview of employee performance, and check the KPI easily and quickly in iFlow.

Selecting a replacement for the missing employee on leave requests

From now on, when employees make a paid leave request, they may or may not choose to have a designated replacement. Since some tasks can only be performed by certain people, it is not necessary to select a replacement for the days when someone is missing. Another novelty is that the substitute will be notified by e-mail that he has to replace his colleague on the date chosen by him.

The iFlow platform is constantly evolving, so we are always waiting for feedback on new and existing features. We hope that everything we bring will be useful, and for questions, suggestions or difficulties in using the application, please contact us at [email protected] or at 0770 834 061 (Technical Support).

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