iFlow 4.9 Update

Nowadays, digitization allows us to stay connected to our environment at all times, be it work, family, or close friends. This means that we can access data from wherever we are, be constantly informed of what is happening in any corner of the world, and receive answers to questions, instantly, without too much searching. In more and more industries, there is a shift to automation, and many applications are helping companies optimize some of their processes. This is what the iFlow 4.9 Update is going for, through the latest changes.

Email notifications for employees’ real attendance

iFlow aims to keep up with trends, and regular updates come in recognition of them. The most important update in the application is that it helps the manager to stay connected with the team he coordinates, with the individual employees, and to always find out details about their work attendance.

Email notifications are now available to any manager who wants to know when an employee has clocked-in from the wrong location or is late to work. These two things are very important in a company, and knowing them in real time gives the superior the advantage of making a decision right at the time of such an event.

iFlow allows you to select on which channel to receive notifications, via email, application, or both. And to simplify this process, you can now choose a unique email address for these notifications, no matter how many accounts are active within a single company. For a manager who coordinates multiple teams in different accounts, this setting is useful in the context that all notifications come on a single address.

Associating projects with Shuttle Devices or Teams

Project time management has become indispensable in companies in various industries. Measuring time spent on specific tasks is an important aspect of physical and personnel resource planning. At iFlow, we’ve taken this part of productivity monitoring into account, and recent updates bring essential settings for companies that want to track employee efficiency through timekeeping devices.

The changes brought to the device system allow employees to view projects based on their team or location. This setting aims to simplify clock-in by members of certain teams on the device closest to their workstation.

Example: In a production company, timekeeping devices can be installed in each hall, or even more specifically, on each line. For each activity carried out, the ongoing projects can be selected, and employees can easily and quickly clock-in without searching through a vast list of projects that do not concern them. You can apply this setting to teams, or to teams and devices, as long as the projects are shared. Thus, the supervisor finds out in real time how much time has been allocated to each activity, and periodically, to generate reports automatically filled-in with this information. 

Productivity monitoring is a breeze with these settings at hand. IFlow reports can be filtered by location, team, or project, and the data recorded is accurate and ready to be sent for payroll.

Read all about associating projects with devices or teams in this article.

Other useful changes

Quick check for open attendances

There are situations where one or more employees forget to clock-out from work. To quickly fix these small errors, you can now find out which employees missed this action. With a single click, open time slots can be displayed so that the team leader or manager can notify employees about this, or clock them out himself.

Complex reports easy to download and interpret

In a company with a large number of employees, compiling and interpreting data is often a tedious and time-consuming task. But not with iFlow! The application generates reports completed with the necessary information in real time, and with a few clicks, they are ready to be downloaded. The page and month in which the report was extracted will appear on each printed page.

The Real Attendance report is becoming more comprehensive

From now on, the Real Attendance report is more comprehensive. This means that columns with additional information can be selected to be displayed. From the full name, the type of terminal used for clock-in, the GPS location, the start and end clock-in picture, and more, are now available to be added to the Real Attendance report.

Easy selection of all employees

User experience is important to us, and to help them, we’ve added a Select all button to the Employees menu. By simply clicking on it, all the members of a team are selected, thus simplifying the making of changes in this panel. Moving employees from one team to another is now a quick and easy process.

Search option in the Timesheet report’s filters

To make it easier to navigate through the app, and especially in the context of filtering reports to get relevant information, we’ve added the Search feature. This saves valuable time when data needs to be filtered by projects, teams, or locations. The desired project is typed in the search box and when it appears, it can be selected quickly.

Viewing the password when writing it

To make sure every user is certain of the password they fill in, there is now the option to see it while typing.

Other improvements and repairs

  • The Created column has been added to the report settings. You can now import a column with the date when a specific user was created.
  • Appearance and CSS improvements.
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