Keep the Workplace Hierarchy

iFlow’s improvements are more and more frequent to help you in the employee management process, and to organize your company’s workforce. In this article, you will find out how to use these improvements to your advantage.

Large companies usually have a large number of employees supervised by team leaders. Our team is working hard to implement an efficient solution for you to organize your teams and departments easily. Proper employee management will increase your company’s productivity.

Create teams and name team leaders for them

iFlow helps you structure your employees in a flexible way. The companies which have a large number of employees need a good strategy for organizing them so that the work productivity level will be at high capacity. How to accomplish this? By creating a stable company hierarchy starting from small to large departments.

Now everything is simple and clear, and you can keep your company’s hierarchy in the timekeeping app. You create teams, and then you choose the people responsible for them. This way, they become team leaders for the team or teams they supervise. You can select more than one team leader for a single team or an only team leader for multiple teams.

Employee teams and their utility

A clear example of the utility of teams is creating a team of all team leaders from all departments, which respond to the Admin or to some other employee with a superior job title. With these new options added to the app, you organize employees simple and fast, every one of them his/her job title and their role in the company.

There is a situation in which the team leader is part of a different team than the one he is responsible for, in this case, the leader is able to see only the members of the team that he manages.

The HR and accounting departments access in iFlow

We added the Ghost User option, as we like to call it. You may wonder what this means. The Ghost User idea began from the idea to give access in the app for HR and accounting departments, without them appearing in reports. Sometimes even the Admin doesn’t need to appear in reports.

In every employee’s profile, you will find six types of permissions, there are:

  • To receive e-mail notifications
  • To edit the work schedule
  • To edit the live attendance
  • Access to all reports
  • Exclude from reports
  • Access to all events

In this case, you will use the permission “Exclude from reports”. Find out more about users and permissions here.

Attention: In order for these permissions to work correctly, it is necessary for the user for which you want to set permissions to be a Team Member or a Team Leader. The Admin already has access to all the features in iFlow.

Confidentiality between users

If you wish to keep the confidentiality between your users when it comes to the work schedule or events, you can do it. iFlow has a setting for the company, which will give you the opportunity to choose how your employees can see themselves and their teammates in iFlow.

You have three options; they are:

  • Employees can see all employees
  • Employees can see only teammates
  • Employees can only see themselves

These are the steps you need to follow in order to set one of these settings:

Settings -> Company -> Settings -> Global viewing permissions -> choose the setting you want -> Update information. There you go, now your employees will see themselves as you need.

Keep your workplace hierarchy with iFlow. Divide your HR department’s responsibilities with all your employees, and your workforce’s management will be more straightforward than ever.

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Beatrice M.
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