A Word about the Importance of Overtime Hours in Your Company

Tracking the productivity of your employees is important. Monitoring their work schedule and attendance in real-time is also a strong business key. Here comes a question: how to do this without creating tension in your company? Your employees should feel safe at work, free to experience and learn new things, without someone watching them like a hawk. Sometimes, people need extra time to accomplish their tasks regardless of the reasons (multiple or pressing projects, and others). Having a tool that helps you and your employees keep track of the overtime worked hours defines a healthy business relationship. iFlow is the timekeeping and HR app that brings everything in front of your eyes, whenever you need it.

The iFlow app brings you the automated calculation of overtime hours

According to Wikipedia, overtime is “the amount of time someone works beyond normal working hours,” and it’s usually a period paid with extra money, independently of the regular working hours. Based on country jurisdictions, there are applied overtime laws, which must be respected by any company. Besides the legal aspect, a real report of overtime hours represents an advantage for the employees and employer. With the iFlow app, overtime hours are effectively monitored. This way, the difference between the standard working hours and overtime ones is easily made, in the fastest way. The timesheet reports are automatically filled-in and ready to be sent to a Payroll account or to be printed for the accountant department.

The latest timesheet report automatically calculates overtime hours. This is a real help for the personnel used to do these type of reports manually. The timesheet and HR app reduces the working time with at least 70% and assembles an accurate timesheet report for your employees.

How does iFlow do its magic?

In your work schedule panel, next to each of your employees, you can see the total number of worked hours for the selected period. Overtime hours will be calculated as the difference between the total number of worked hours and the total number of worked hours of each employee.

For example, let’s consider that the November month of 2019 has 21 working days and 168 working hours. The employee has a total of 174 worked hours in November. The 6th hours worked over the 168-hours limit will be automatically added in the “Overtime” area in the timesheet report.

The main benefit added by this type of timesheet is that you’ll know how many working hours are allowed for each month. This way, you can better organize and plan the working schedule more efficient to avoid extra costs with overtime hours. On top of these advantages, you can enjoy 100% accurate timesheet calculation.

Get Precise with iFlow

What exactly do I mean by Get precise with iFlow? Well, an entrepreneur who’s always on the run, but he cares for his company and employees, needs to be interconnected with everything. Precision is the main component of clarity and perfectly defines the accuracy of a work-time tool suitable for any company. Therefore, the iFlow app is the timekeeping and HR software that defines four major qualities: It’s precise, flexible, fast, and scalable. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. iFlow gets rid of the wasted work time and ensures an amazing experience for all the users!

Elisa S.
Elisa S.
Ambitious and devoted to her purpose of helping companies on their way of work processes digitalization, Elisa has actively participated in the development of the iFlow app since it's release. Friendly and sociable is the help you need to implement iFlow into your company successfully.

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