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Currently, because of the pandemic crisis caused by COVID-19 (coronavirus), a lot of employers are trying to install remote work for their companies. The main advice the authorities all around the world are giving is to try and stay at home as much as possible, avoid crowds, public transportation, etc. That’s why many companies, whose activity allows them, are choosing to implement work from home for the time being to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Read below how you can register remote work for your employees in iFlow.

Create an event called Remote work/Work from home/ Home office

To create a new type of event in iFlow, follow these steps:

Settings – Event types – Add new event type – Select the event type: Date interval – Event type name: Remote work/ Work from home (WFH)/ Home office, etc. – Check the “Needs request reason”, “Needs approval”, “Appears in the timesheet report”, “Receives food coupons” boxes, based on your needs – Click “Add”

This new event can be added to employees by the admin, team-leader or they can add it themselves. From the Dashboard, click on Add events, select the event (remote work) and then select the employees.

This type of event will function exactly like the paid leave or business trip event. You will be able to see it in the Timesheet report and in the monthly attendance.

Register the location for the remote working employees

With iFlow you can register the location from which your employees are checking in for work and also the time interval. To do this you will need to activate the “Use check in-out” function. Afterward, every employee will check-in and out, at the start and end of their working schedule. The app will register the location for both.

According to BBC, in a blog post Twitter announced that “It was mandatory for staff in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea to work remotely. The company also said it was “strongly encouraging” all of its 5,000 employees around the world to not come into work. It comes a day after the firm banned all non-essential business travel and events for its workers”.

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Iulia S.
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