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Your human resources department has a lot of responsibilities. iFlow is here to help with different methods to keep your employees information in a safe place. There is no need to use multiple folders, documents, or excel files. Your employees don’t have to share data anymore, and they can all work in the same place.

Find out in this article which information you can add in iFlow and which are the reports that help your human resources be more efficient and organized.

1. Employees personal data

iFlow keeps Employees’ data and is using it to complete documents automatically. Every employee has its profile, only the account Admin and the team leader have access to this type of information. It’s not required to fill in the personal data fields, but otherwise, you have to complete the documents manually every time you generate them. If you complete the right areas, iFlow will create the human resources documents filled with the following data: company data, employee data, event-related data.

For example, you set an annual leave for an employee, and you need the paid leave request. Access the Activity panel, click on the event, and print the annual leave request. If you complete the fields in the employee’s profile, then the annual leave request will be filled with that information, and you won’t need to fill the information yourself.

2. Paid and annual leave management

iFlow keeps the record for available, used, and remaining paid/annual leave days. Every employee can access this information at any time in his profile. Also, there is a specific report for paid leave.

In the report for paid leave, you will find the remaining annual leave days for your employees divided in years. The paid leave category contains: annual leave divided in years, paid leave days for special events, and other types of paid leave that a company offers its employees.

3. Employees report

iFlow uses the employees’ data partially in this report. It contains the following data: employment date, employment contract expiration date, employment contract number, etc. In this report, you can find a list of all your employees, but you can filter it in teams. And that is why iFlow helps you delegate your responsibilities and keep your company’s hierarchy.

4. Custom fields report

This report is 100% customizable. You build it from the start with any information you need. You create the columns, and you also choose which type of data it should be filed. You can customize the fields so that they require a specific kind of information. These are the types of responses available for this report: with a limited character number, with a large number of characters, with only one response from multiple options, with various options and numerous possible responses, etc.

After you create the columns for this report, you will be able to fill in the fields in every user’s profile. After this, your report will be ready to print or download.

This is an example of how to use this report. If you need a report for additional information about your employees like: if your employee is available for remote work or not, contact for emergency cases, etc.

5. Overtime and time-off report

This report will help you keep the record of your employees overtime and time off hours. They are displayed on different columns, plus a column where the difference between time off and overtime hours is calculated. It has a set of filters that will help you synthesize the information you need. The filters are period, employee name, teams, time intervals, and motive. Even more, you can print or download the report as many times as you need.

With iFlow, your human resources department can keep the record of your employees worked hours in an organized manner and save time for other aspects that will improve the working process in your company.

Beatrice M.
Beatrice M.
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