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Dictionary - iFlow

Easily search definitions for all the terms in iFlow.


Main panel from iFlow, monthly calendar structure that shows events for the whole selected month


Menu where you can find all the events added


In iFlow events are leaves, business trips, overtime hours, etc.

Paid leave

Scheduling your leave

Leave request

The document that is automatically generated and completed

Invalid events

Events that from different reasons are no longer correct and calculated in reports. They can appear for different reasons. For example: an employee started working on 19.03.2021 and added leave for 21.03.2021. If someone changed their start day to 22.03.2021 the event will become invalid

Event types

The place where predefined events from the app can be edited or you can create new personalized events. Examples: team building, meeting, etc.


The place where all the deleted events are saved. They are excluded from reports and can only be seen here

Live attendance

This is the result of all the check-ins/outs, basically all the attendances registered in the app


This can represent addresses, locations, or anything more general. Example : Work from home or office, without an actual address.


This can be a project or task. For example for construction companies can define activities: painting, demolishing, etc.

RFID devices

Devices that record the employees attendance at work (card readers, RFID cards, etc.)

Planning the work schedule

Setting the work schedule for a short or long period from the Work schedule panel. Each working day has a schedule even if it is the same as the day before or different

Predefined shifts

Creating different work shifts which are after used in planning the work schedule. Example: shift 1- 8 AM - 4 PM, shift 2 - 2 PM - 10 PM


Teams in iFlow can be a department or sections, based on how your company is organized


The user type that has all the permissions in iFlow

Team member

The user type in iFlow for employees. Initially, this type has no special permissions. If needed additional permission can be offered by the admin

Inactivate employee

The word inactivate means delete. When you are inactivating an employee you are eliminating them from the list of active employee, those whose employment contract is still available

Custom fields

Custom fields for personal data or any other information about the employee, that you can create and are not predefined in the app. These fields are meant to complete the personnel file. Example: emergency contact number, drives a work car, etc.