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DocumentationAutomatic recalculation of paid leave on user inactivation / activation

Automatic recalculation of paid leave on user inactivation / activation

There are cases when certain employees go on parental leave, want extended unpaid leave or resign and then return to the company, so the record of days off is very important.

Due to this, the iFlow app will automatically recalculate the days off when the end date of the employment contract is set, taking into account the start and end time.

At the same time, the recalculation will work when a certain employee is reactivated, more precisely when a new interval is set or continues from the last end interval.

How does recalculation work?

When an employee is deactivated / activated, a box will open in which the current number of days off and the number of days modified will appear depending on the date on which the employee was activated / deactivated.

Attention: Don’t forget to press “save settings” after each change to calculate the holiday days correctly!

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