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Paid leave

How to allocate annual leave days

  • From the main menu, go to Settings Tools
  • Press the Add button in the Add paid leave days for 2024 section

The application will generate a list of employees and automatically allocate the leave days as follows:

  • It will take the number of leave days allocated to each employee in the previous year. Therefore, employees will receive for 2024 the same number of days they had in 2023
  • The default number set in the company settings will be allocated for employees without a leave history

You can directly modify the number of leave days from the open allocation box. If all the information is correct, type “confirm” and click Add.

How to add a paid leave request

To add leave days, access Dashboard – and click on the Add events button – Paid Leave.

In the box that opens, you need to select the following:

  • The employee to whom you want to add the leave, in case you are an administrator in the application or a team leader. If you are an employee, you will be automatically selected
  • The type of paid leave: Annual leave or Special Leave Days
  • Start date and End date
  • Reason for the request, if applicable
  • Replaced by – if the option for this category of event is enabled

You also have the option to Attach a file if necessary and then click Add.

In the iFlow application, paid leave is a type of event that can be customized according to each company’s preferences.

To customize this event, access the Settings menu – Event Types.

Click on the Edit button next to the Paid Leave event.

In the box that opens, you can set the following:

  • Color – to distinguish it in the Dashboard
  • Whether it Needs request reason
  • Whether it Needs approval and whether team leaders and/or team members have any approval levels
  • Whether it Needs a replacement
  • Permissions based on user category
  • How the event is Calculated

If you set the event to require approval, go to the Requests to view the added leaves and click on Waiting Approval.

To view the leave days in an employee’s profile, click here.

How to add paid leave days for multiple employees

To add paid leave for multiple employees, follow these steps:

  • From the Dashboard
  • Click on Add events
  • Select Paid Leave
  • In the add window, check the employees or, if applicable, click Select All
  • Choose the desired type of paid leave – Annual or Special Leave Days
  • Select the desired period and click Add


  • You won’t be able to attach documents for multiple leave days in addition
  • You won’t be able to fill in additional custom fields for the event
  • You can add vacation days for one specific year for all employees. In case some employees do not have vacation days for the selected year, you will need to remove them from the list and add their leave later

Updating leave days for all employees simultaneously

Updating leave days for all employees simultaneously is available in the main menu under SettingsTools. To do so, you must fill in the number of days you wish to allocate to all employees.


  • These days will be allocated automatically to active employees without allocated days for that year. The application will not double them if the days have already been allocated.
  • Furthermore, suppose you have employees with expired employment contracts and have yet to deactivate them. In that case, the application will not allocate leave days to them because their employment contract has expired.

Special Leave Days

The application includes predefined standard types of paid leave or special event leave. Additionally, each company can control these aspects:

  • It can create new types of paid leave
  • It can set an annual limit for these
  • It can modify the number of available days for each type of paid leave
  • It can deactivate existing categories

Below, you will find the steps for each action mentioned above.

How to create new types of paid leave

If you need a new type of paid leave that is not available in the menu, you can create it by following the steps below:

  • From the main Settings menu – Paid Leave
  • Click on the Add new button
  • Fill in the Leave day name of the paid leave
  • Choose the Timesheet symbol to represent it in the attendance
  • Fill in the total number of available Days
  • Check the box Show on event add
  • Set the Limit per year (explanations for this setting below)
  • Click Add

How to manually allocate paid leave/special event leave

  • From the Dashboard
  • Click on the employee name for which you want to add paid leave
  • In the Paid Leave section, click on the Add button
  • Choose the Type of paid leave
  • You can modify the explanation Note
  • Allocate the Number of days for this type
  • Choose the Year (often used for paid leave days related to a year other than the current one)
  • To complete the action, click on the Add button

Find out more about adding custom events with just one click here.

Limiting Vacation Day

How to activate the paid leave days limitation option

  • From the main menu, go to Settings Company
  • Click on the submenu Company Settings
  • Under the setting Limit the available paid leave days to the current date, choose the Activated option
  • Then, click on the Update Information button

How paid leave day limitation works

The application automatically calculates the number of days an employee is entitled to when they create a request based on the total number of available days allocated to them.

It’s important to note that this limitation is also available in each employee’s profile. Therefore, if it’s enabled in the company settings but disabled in a specific employee’s profile, that employee won’t have that limitation.

To manage this option:

  • Go to the Employee profile
  • Click on Settings Permissions Paid Leave SettingsLimit the available paid leave days to the current date
  • Check/Uncheck the setting
  • Save the settings

How to View Overlapping Vacation Days

To activate this option:

  • Access the Settings menu
  • Company Settings Global Viewing Permissions section
  • View Events Overlap – choose either All Employees or Employees from the Same Team
  • Click on Update Information

Thus, you can use the Dashboard and the Requests to view overlaps and maintain a clear record of employees scheduled for vacation.