Web Analytics

Requests menu

How to add events

To add events to the application, follow these steps:

  • From the main menu, click on the Requests, then choose the type of event from the dropdown menu by clicking on the Add button
  • Select the Employee(s)
  • Set the Start date and End date of the event using the calendar
  • If necessary, specify the Reason for the request
  • If applicable, select a substitute for the employee involved in the event
  • You can attach a relevant file to the event by clicking the Attach File button
  • To finalize the event addition process, press the Add button

How to view events

  • Click on the Event to see all its details
  • Approve or Reject the event
  • View associated documents, click on Document or Regenerate document
  • Easily communicate with the employee using the Comments section

How to filter events

  • Click the Date interval button on the right side of the page to choose information from a specific period and click Apply
  • Filter by Employees, Teams, Event Types, Status, or Hours Interval

How to download information about totals and events

  • Select the period
  • Click on Download totals/Download events
  • The Excel file containing the necessary information will be downloaded

How to manage attendance

Adding or Closing attendance:

  • Click on the + button
  • Select Add attendance or Close attendance
  • Select the employee(s)
  • Choose the Clock-in location/ Clock-out location and Project
  • Set the Date
  • Fill in the Clock in/ Clock out time
  • To complete, click on Add