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Overtime tracker app

With iFlow, overtime hours are automatically calculated. Requests and approvals are managed online simply and quickly, while the timekeeping report guarantees 100% accuracy in calculations.

Why use iFlow?

All calculations related to overtime hours are located in one place, helping you streamline your work and comply with current legislation.

Online requests for overtime hours

Overtime requests are made online and can be approved with just one click.

Automatic calculations for overtime hours

Your employees clock in directly through the application, and overtime hours are accurately tallied in reports.

Overtime according to legislation

iFlow automates the calculation of overtime hours to ensure fair compensation for employees.

iFlow App - compatible with any device

iFlow gives you the control you need for efficient organizational human resources management. You can easily access overtime requests and calculations from any device and receive real-time notifications.

Paid overtime

The iFlex module helps you manage overtime pay correctly. You record overtime worked beyond the established schedule, weekend hours, night hours, or public holidays, and then decide how to compensate for them.

Flexible compensation options

To ensure fair compensation for overtime hours, you benefit from the flexibility to set the compensation percentage that best fits, allowing you to offer salary bonuses for work employees perform during busy periods.

Our company has over 80 employees, and we needed an automated solution primarily for leave management and timekeeping calculation. iFlow proved to be the best choice. Leave requests are automatically filled out, and we can access them anytime in our account. We customized the timekeeping sheet precisely as needed and enjoyed the automatic calculations of worked hours and events. The application has many benefits that have helped us reduce the time allocated to these tasks. iFlow is our preferred timekeeping solution!

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Agreement for overtime work

If you need an employee to work overtime, you can quickly generate a request in the iFlow application. This request can be digitally signed, and the overtime worked by the employee will be monitored in their profile.

Overtime according to the Labor Code

You have a complete system for monitoring overtime hours. All calculations and records are made under current legislation, and the application will alert you to any deviations from the established work schedule.

Specialized HR reports

With iFlow, you benefit from automatically updated reports according to legislation regarding your employees' overtime hours. View the overtime report for each employee or the entire company and optimize your company's efficiency.

Discover iFlow

Streamline your employees' management and digitize the HR department's work with iFlow.