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Use the iFlow Timekeeping App to focus on growing your business. Register, plan, and manage the working hours of your employees. Fast and effective!

Efficient Time Management for Your Company

Focus on what matters the most: your company’s growth. Organize your employees’ work hours by using a simple yet easy to use time-and-attendance solution.

Timekeeping made easy

In just a few minutes, you can plan the working schedule for your employees, all-year-round. From working shifts to 12/24 plans and anything in between, exactly the way you need.

Team workflow management

Do you have a company with multiple departments? In the iFlow timekeeping app, you can easily create different teams according to each department or activities’ location. Then, to ensure an efficient organization, you can assign a leader.

Your data is secured

The iFlow timekeeping app makes profile pages for your company and also for the employees. You can fill in the information for each employee. This helps you print requests and reports that are automatically generated.

iFlow shows a real timetracking status to every user, including employees, human resources, and financial departments. Furthermore, this app can even empower every member to manage some of the HR responsibilities. The employees are those who register their vacations, medical leave or time-off, overtime, and absences, while HR only needs to check and approve them. iFlow app is a valuable and effective automatization service software!

Luiza Daneliuc

Smart Tax Advisors

We began using iFlow with a bit of incertitude due to the other apps we had used to track on-site attendance. It proved to be “love at first sight” as the schedule is very flexible. Even if the app is not built for a construction company, iFlow lets you create your own attendance system. It's imperative to our company that we have these reports due to the legislation. Also, with the mobile app, we are always online, having the information within our grasp.

BNB Invest

Why iFlow?

It is the complete solution to digitalize the work documents in your company. With this timekeeping software, you can quickly organize and manage the employees’ working hours or events.

Easily set up the employees’ work schedule

In just a few minutes, you can plan the work schedule for your employees, all-year-round. The timekeeping iFlow app allows you to select any time interval, for any day. It’s perfect for uneven work schedules such as 12/24 plans or shift work. As an HR app, iFlow includes the copy/paste/cut and multiple selection functions. This means you can set the work schedule for more than one employee. Discover how easy it is to organize the work hours.

Custom Events for Any Company

iFlow time-and-attendance app allows you to create custom events. This helps you keep track of work hours for attendance or internal company purposes. For example, you can create a “delegation” event in the app or a “training” one for internal use.

Keep track of the time worked by your employees, error-free. The overtime or night-time hours are automatically calculated, without any manual input. Take advantage of the automated system, now!

Organize the vacation days or medical leaves in an efficient way. You don’t need Excel sheets or paper files anymore. The needed information is at your disposal anytime and anywhere, stored in a secure online environment.


Choose an online timekeeping solution for the future of your company!

Automatic Reports

The iFlow Timekeeping app includes a series of reports that simplify the work of the HR department. You can set the work schedule of your employees, and the time-and-attendance reports are automatically generated. Add the employees’ data to get the reports and available meal vouchers in real-time, always up to date. It’s time to go digital!

Role-Based Authorization for Users

The iFlow Timekeeping app allows you to set three user types: Administrator, Team Leader, and Employee. The Administrator has full control over the account. Similar to the Administrator, the Team Leader has the capability to control and manage the team he is entitled to supervise. The employee has limited access in the app; he can only add events and see the details of his own user profile.

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