Easily Import your Employees from Excel to iFlow app

Nowadays, companies tend to go entirely digital and keep their HR departments and employees’ management on track. The world is constantly evolving, and the most valuable resource is time. You’ll say that it’s never enough time to do things. However, with technology in our grasp, it would be a pity not to benefit from the smartest solutions online. iFlow is an extremely flexible timekeeping and HR app that comes in handy in your company. You and your employees no longer have to go through a tedious process to track work time and attendance or manually handle reports. Furthermore, this app is adaptable to any company’s needs and helps you to easily make the switch between an Excel file with your employees and the iFlow app. Read the entire article to discover how easy it is to add your employees to your iFlow account.

Automate your Timekeeping and HR reports

A real company leader is the one who cares for its staff. He has to know the hours worked by his employees in real-time. Also, he must supervise the annual leave, sick leave, or time off hours situation in actual time. How’s that possible with manually kept timesheets for work and attendance? It’s not. Employees from all departments, including the HR one, have important responsibilities, and will definitely appreciate the easiest and flexible solution to their struggle.

We know that creating a database in software can be time-consuming. For this reason, iFlow simplifies the way you import personal data, making it faster and more effective by using the “Import Employees” function and a pre-made Excel template. This method gives you the possibility to quickly import your employees’ names and personal information.

Quickly Import Employees from Excel to iFlow app

From your iFlow account, you can download the pre-made Excel template file to import your employees. After this step, you copy the employees’ data and paste it in the exported iFlow file. Also, if you need to include additional information, you can easily add them here.

This is the fastest way to create iFlow accounts for the employees you want to grant the app access to. The template file offers you the possibility to add an email address and also a temporary password. With these credentials, each employee can log into his/her account. Moreover, by using this type of import, you can organize employees in teams or divisions. There’s no need to create each team individually into the app, as they are automatically generated when the import is succesfully done.

If you want to find out more information about the Excel import, take a look at the article from here.

With iFlow, time has no limits!

Have you ever foresaw your employees’ potential? What happens when they cannot be efficient at work due to time-consuming duties? If all you can think about is your business’ progress and productivity, you must be aware that filling out Excel spreadsheets or keeping work time and attendance manually really affects your company and employees. By using iFlow, the app that automates all these processes, everything is accurately calculated, without any effort or extra time. Get your iFlow account up and running in less than 10 minutes. Start now and focus on your company’s productivity!

Elisa S.
Elisa S.
Ambitious and devoted to her purpose of helping companies on their way of work processes digitalization, Elisa has actively participated in the development of the iFlow app since it's release. Friendly and sociable is the help you need to implement iFlow into your company successfully.

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