Update 4.6 – Live attendance auto break

We developed the live attendance auto break because we listened to the suggestions of our customers. This functionality is specifically dedicated to users of the live attendance in iFlow, where the deduction of the break became an increasing burden. Well, this aspect becomes a thing of the past with this update.

This new setting can be applied on the company, team, or employee level. I will show below you how it works and why you might love this new feature.

How much time can I deduct?

All you have to do is express your break time in minutes. The application will apply this auto break in the attendance when the number of 8 hours, for example, is exceeded. This way, your employees no longer have to check out when they leave during the break and check in when they return. And finally, you no longer have to manually edit the downloaded report.

Live attendance auto break – on company/team level

Set a time for the break that the app will apply to all teams or just part of the teams. You decide if the auto break applies to the whole company or not.

Live attendance auto break – on employee level

We thought that maybe there will be a need to set a different break time for some exceptions, so you can set another break time for certain employees, to which the one at the company level does not apply.

We encourage you to try this feature! You can always consult our user guide, or you can contact us for technical support. You can even schedule a demo, where an iFlow specialist will show you exactly what interests you.

But, that’s not all! Below you will find the list of other news and surprises brought by the 4.6 update.

Eliza C.
Eliza C.
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