iFlow - User's Guide

Enjoy a digitalized timesheet! Find all the information to use all of iFlow’s features and make the most of your experience.

Beginner's Guide

Discover the first steps you need to follow after creating an account in the iFlow app. Read below step by step explanations and enjoy an efficient and easy way to track employees.


iFlow is the most flexible web-based app. All the settings in iFlow are customizable and you can use them according to your needs. Read here to learn all about how to use them properly.

iFlow FAQ

All the features that you can see in iFlow - time & attendance app were created based on the feedback received from our users. Find out all about the panels that you can find in iFlow.

PDF Guides

In order to help you easily introduce employees to iFlow, you have access to a general presentation of the app and user guides in PDF format. Find out all the files and download them for free.

Recently added

User’s note – iFlow

This note will appear on the Work schedule under the name of each employee. You can use this note to write details regarding their...

Request information – iFlow

This feature was developed to help you complete the information of your employees. You will send them a link and the employee will complete...

iFlow notifications

There are 4 types of notifications in the app. These are: Expired employment contractsBirthdaysRequest to edit eventsNew invoice Who receives these notifications? The admin gets all the...

Change-log archive

Now you can see all the changes made in different areas of the app. Every time someone edits something it will appear in the...

Update leave days for all employees

This tool was created to help you set leave days for all the employees at the same time. You can find it in the Settings...