Update 4.6 – Project time management module

The project timekeeping module in the iFlow application has started to take shape, although it is still in Beta; starting with this update, you can already track the time spent by employees on each project and subproject. We aim to have a completely new module in the application by the end of the year, namely, the project timekeeping module, with complete reports and simple ways to import and update them.

Find out below how easy it is to import projects, subprojects, and even project codes into the iFlow app.

1. Import projects

First of all, the possibility to import projects was developed. We care about your time and try to keep manual processes to a minimum. So now all you have to do is download a template file, complete it and upload it back to the application.

2. Projects & Subprojects

If until now you could only create projects, well, now you can create subprojects – either from the application or directly from the import file. If you already have the main projects added to the application, you can allocate their subprojects through the function presented below, ie by updating.

3. Update projects

In addition to the import function, which is great in itself, it comes complete with the ability to update data with a file. Download the file from the application, which already comes complete with all your data. By updating data changes in large numbers, you can even disable bulk projects.

4. Custom fields for projects

You may be wondering what exactly these custom fields are. Well, they are what you want them to be. You have the freedom to add additional information for each project and subproject. Here are some examples of ways to use them:

  • Project code – you can create a custom field in which you assign project codes. Moreover, you can set them to be unique. This ensures that each project has its own identification code.
  • Project description – create a field for project descriptions.
  • Any other option – in this module you can assign any information you want to projects, there is a whole list of types of fields for projects. You decide if they should have unique content or not, you can add any information to the project name, without writing directly in name. Find out more about these fields and how to use them, here. (link)

5. Dedicated report for projects timekeeping

We have also developed a page dedicated to projects, which also works as a project report. Here you will see all the existing projects and subprojects in the company. From here you can edit and add new projects, edit and deactivate old projects, you can print or download this report. Moreover, you have filters and the ability to change its structure so that you can extract exactly the information you need.

6. Report on project attendance

We know that such a module is not complete without dedicated reporting, so we created the report for attendance on projects. With this, you will have the record for each project. You can filter the report on one, several, or all projects. You will have the presence on each project for each employee. These are presented on specific days and of course, you have a total of the month.

7. User permissions

To further facilitate the use of projects, a set of project permissions has been added; they can be applied at the user level, so you simply designate who can edit or delete projects. You can even assign different roles for each employee, you can choose one person to just add projects and another to just edit them, and so on.

We encourage you to try all these project functionalities! You can always consult our user guide, or you can contact us for technical support. You can even schedule a demo, where an iFlow specialist will show you exactly what interests you.

But, that’s not all! Below you will find the list of other news and surprises brought by the 4.6 update.

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Iulia S.
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