Update 4.6 – Specific notifications for events

We have developed the option of event-specific notifications because we know that a key element in streamlining the transmission of requests within the company are notifications, especially those via e-mail. Notifications in iFlow can be configured in detail. Find out more in this article.

From now on, you can choose which email notifications to receive, depending on the team or event. For example, you can choose to receive only vacation leave notifications from the “Development” team, and from the marketing team to receive notifications for both vacation and overtime.

If you have a complex structure for company departments, this feature of event-specific notifications helps you better centralize information at the employee level. If you have a person in charge of leave days for a certain team in the company, then you simply choose for this employee to receive notifications only when there are requests for leave on that team.

If the same employees who are part of the team above, will add requests for overtime or time-off, the leader will not receive notifications for them.

You can choose to have only one person in the company receive notifications for vacation requests, and only they can approve or reject them.

We encourage you to try this feature! You can always consult our user guide, or you can contact us for technical support. You can even schedule a demo, where an iFlow specialist will show you exactly what interests you.

But, that’s not all! Below you will find the list of other news and surprises brought by the 4.6 update.

Eliza C.
Eliza C.
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