Update iFlow 4.6

Find out what’s new in the app with iFlow 4.6 update. Some of the most anticipated features are now available right in your account. Find out what they are and how you can use them to your advantage.

  1. Projects
  2. Live attendance auto break
  3. E-mail notification for events

Other useful changes

Project deactivation

The list of reports in the application grows with each update, so if you only need some reports, now you can choose them. All you have to do is check the reports you don’t need and turn them off, so only the reports you use to remain on the list.

Time off and timesheet

You can now choose whether the timesheet report should display the time off. It is marked in color on the days when it is present, and by assigning it a symbol, it will create a column dedicated to totals in the Timesheet report.

Download events file

Two new columns have been added to this file by default. This is the column for the internal number and the column for the reason for the event. In addition to these two aspects, now, if you have custom fields for events, you will be able to download the “Download events” report with additional information.

“New contract” option

Does it often happen in your company that former employees are re-employed? With iFlow, you can automatically mark each contract with the paid leave days recalculated for the current year. This way, you keep the employee’s history in the application, contract by contract.

Other improvements and fixes

  • The work schedule panel has been improved. Now, the right-click menu works including in the name area and selections can be made and used from right to left.
  • The schedule patterns can be duplicated and existing predefined shifts can be selected within them without writing the program manually.
  • Custom date fields will follow the date format set at the company level.
  • The error message for the wrong password entry has been fixed.
  • The paid leave can no longer indicate a negative number of days available, and the activity report filtered by periods and paid leave has been corrected, so as to only bring the number of days spent in the chosen interval, not the total days on the events recorded in that period.
  • Fixed rare cases where deleted events interfered with active ones.
  • Fixed the addition of leave days on the desktop version of the application.
  • New permissions have been added and old ones have been revised.
  • A project-specific submenu has been created in company settings.
  • Usability improvements have been made for check in/check out clocking
  • Design improvements + CSS

All the news brought by this update is present in our user’s guide. You can search for this information straight from the application through the search function. Do not hesitate to contact us for feedback or details. If you do not have an iFlow account, schedule a demo and find out what the application can do for you, directly from an iFlow team specialist.

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