Update iFlow 4.7

Discover the latest features of the application that come with the iFlow 4.7 update. Read the following article to find out what’s new and its benefits.

  1. Scheduling work shifts by locations and notifications for location check-in
  2. Organizational chart
  3. Vacation planning report

Other useful changes:

Switch button between the real attendance and work schedule planning reports

Do you want to get an overview of what was planned and what was achieved in terms of attendance at work? iFlow helps you with a clear comparison between work schedule planning and actual employee check-in, by the minute. From now on, it’s easy to see the differences between these two reports and figure out where changes are needed to optimize the workflow.

Direct allocation of special leave days

All companies have special leave days. These can be for blood donation, marriage, vaccination, decease, or other ones specific to each firm. In the iFlow application, these holidays are available to any employee and can be requested online and with instant approval from the superior. There is also the option to set a certain frequency of requesting a certain type of leave during a year.

Example: Let’s say you want to give your employees a day off when they celebrate their birthday. With iFlow it’s very simple. Create a type of special leave for this occasion, add the number of days offered, in our case only one, and the option to use this holiday just once a year. Employees will be able to apply for this type of event on their own, with the corresponding limit.

Check-in reset limit of over 24 hours

There are many types of companies with different work schedules, different needs, and iFlow covers them all. This update is for specific cases of employees working long hours, generally on shifts, at security companies, gas stations, retail, HoReCa, or others. The application allows the check-in on 24-hour shifts, offering the possibility to extend this interval up to 30 hours. Thus, the reset is not done after 24 hours but allows users to check out without the worry of an error.
Hours will be calculated automatically, and superiors can keep a clear record of real-time attendance, by the minute. Find out in this article how to configure this function.

Paid leave days limitation

For companies with frequent staff fluctuations, we have introduced a new setting that can limit the use of paid leave days available on the current day. This means that you no longer have to worry that employees will apply for more leave days than they should. Learn how to use the paid leave days limitation option in this article.

Improvements and fixes

  • When generating the timesheet all events are displayed, including those for the current day. All leave days added so far, real attendance and others, appear in the timesheet.
  • We returned to the original setting where the password must contain 7 characters, without the need to add special characters or numbers.
  • Overtime and time-off appear in the timeline highlighted by colors.
  • Inactive locations no longer appear in filters. Once deactivated, there is no possibility to be chosen from the menu.
  • At future employment intervals, users will no longer be disabled. The application recognizes the date of employment as in advance and the employee will not be automatically deactivated.

iFlow helps you stay informed and up to date from a legislative point of view

The iFlow team is always in touch with customers to stay informed and provide a positive experience. All updates occur after receiving feedback and we strive to help companies benefit from the digital environment. We advise you to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with everything that will appear new in the application!
Also, for any questions or suggestions, you can contact us via email at [email protected] An iFlow representative will take your message and respond as soon as possible.

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