Update iFlow 5.2 – What are the new functionalities?

Constant updates are something we pride ourselves on at iFlow. With each update, the application becomes more complex and more useful for companies in all industries. Its versatility helps managers and employees alike access data and use it in a productive and beneficial way. Find out in this article what new features the iFlow 5.2 update brings are and how to use them.

  1. iFlow app available on iOS
  2. Access multiple companies from the same interface
  3. Full email notifications
  4. Data transfer via API

Access multiple companies from the same interface

A functionality specially designed for groups of companies, it facilitates quick and clear switching between accounts. To save time, we created the multiuser login feature in iFlow 5.2. Thus, several accounts can be accessed using the same credentials (login data). This option is available for the following categories of users:

  • admins
  • team leaders
  • team members

With this feature, users switch accounts as often as they need information from the list of companies available. In this way, it is easier to manage data in real time, with just a few clicks.

Multiuser login for admins

Administrators have full access to the application, so they can check and extract any information whenever they want. Through the multiuser login function, they select the reference company and thus will be able to carry out their activity as usual, in the same interface.

Multiuser login for team leaders

When an employee is a team leader in several companies in the same group, it is important that he has access to all of them. Starting with iFlow 5.2, team leaders can also navigate between companies from the same account. In this way he monitors the activity of his subordinates in the application, quickly and easily.

Multiuser login for team members

Sometimes the same person is employed in several companies within the same group of companies. With just 2 clicks, he can access his accounts to record his attendance on the projects he is currently working on.

Full email notifications

Starting with iFlow 5.2, email notifications get a new face. In addition to the design change, we adjusted this functionality to include relevant details to convey to employees. Thus, when an employee is late for work or clocks-in from the wrong location, the manager receives live notifications with full data about this fact.

A real-time information flow is beneficial for both team leaders and employees, by streamlining communication between them. An unforeseen situation can be easily remedied when the exchange of information is fluid between departments or from employee to superior.

email notification

When an employee adds a leave day, medical leave, time-off or overtime event, the team leader or manager is instantly notified both in the app and via email. To view them in iFlow, it is simple with a single click that will take the user to the platform. In a few seconds such an event is approved or rejected, and all parties involved are notified simultaneously.

The person who has been assigned to replace a colleague who is on leave will know this when the event is recorded in iFlow. Thus, both the substitute person and the Human Resources department can plan according to these situations.

To learn how to set up notifications in iFlow 5.2, read this user guide article.

Data transfer via API

iFlow embeds accurate and useful data about employees and their activity in the application. In certain cases, some companies want to use this data in a different way than originally intended. This is where API connection comes in, helping companies extract relevant information and process it as they please.

Transfer today’s data

For example, in a company it is desired to display the attendance status on a screen that can be seen by all employees. By using an intermediate software (API), the data is filtered in real time and transmitted precisely to that device. Thus, everybody can see the employees that are present or absent at work, depending on their activity in iFlow. Data can be filtered by sick leaves, holidays, or real attendance for the current day.

Transfer tomorrow’s data

API data transfer has multiple uses, so it is also suitable for processing attendance data according to the work schedule planning. In this way, the relevant information is retrieved and the work schedule for the next day is displayed for all employees. At the same time, the rest and medical leaves or the following day’s leave are summarized.

Transfer the next working’s day data

Depending on the working shifts in a particular company, useful and necessary data can be extracted through API. When employees’ schedules are in different shifts, uneven, or weekend work is also done, planning is done accordingly. Through the API, any information is transmitted correctly and is processed to meet the needs.

Here you can find information about the API key and how to use this function.

Other useful changes

Real leave days planning

iFlow 5.2 brings a useful functionality to the Human Resources department, namely the actual planning of leave days for a year. Scheduling days off is very important and is generally drawn up at the beginning of the year for all employees.

Leave day events can be added to iFlow for both the near future and months ahead. Thus, a correct report is obtained with the planned leave days for the entire current year and the next one. This can be downloaded and printed to be displayed or presented in case of a formal inspection.

vacation planner

Limitation of event adding

For situations where it is desired to limit the use of an event such as leave day, overtime, time-off or others, iFlow 5.2 allows this. Through a simple check you can hide the event without disabling it.

Even if employees can no longer make requests for a certain event, they are not deleted from the application. The history of free days or hours remains on the platform exactly as it was, including the event that was limited. If you want to reactivate it, with a single click it will become available again.

update iFlow 5.2

Restrict event overlaps

In some companies it is desired to restrict the use of two event types (day events) on the same day. Such examples are leave without pay, unexcused absence and delegation or any other customized event. When such an event type is already added in iFlow, an employee can no longer use another one at the same time.

iFlow 5.2
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