Available versions of the iFlow Time & Attendance app

The iFlow Time & Attendance app was built so that it can be used from any device. PC, tablet or mobile phone? iFlow matches perfectly, so that your employees can clock-in and add leave requests from anywhere, while you have the opportunity to approve them fast, and check your employees’ work attendance.


iFlow online from the browser

iFlow Time & Attendance app is fast and easy to access on any device directly in the browser. All you have to do is make sure there’s a stable internet connection, open the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc) and write down www.iflow.ro.

I recommend you don’t use iFlow on Internet Explorer, because you might not be able to enjoy all the apps’ benefits.

iFlow Google Chrome Extension

If your preferred browser is Chrome, you can install the iFlow extension directly from Google Chrome Store. You will have the iFlow logo directly in the browser and you’ll get into your account directly with one click.

iFlow app for desktop and mobile

iFlow for desktop

You can have iFlow right on your desktop, without having to access a browser. Download the iFlow app for desktop here. You’ll have the app on your PC or laptop’s screen. With one double-click you’re ready to clock-in or add leave requests.

iFlow for mobile 

Find the iFlow app on Google Play Store. This can be used by all devices that use the Android Operating System, starting with the Oreo 8.2 version. 

The perfect choice for companies that have on-field employees. The timesheet is correct and real from any location. The most useful thing is the fact that iFlow will register the GPS location of employees the minute they clock-in. 

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Radu Oprea
Radu Oprea
iFlow Co-founder and CEO