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iFlow in the trade industry

Digitalize your company’s HR department

Manage, schedule and track your employees working hours in real-time. iFlow digitalizes all the manual processes you used to do. HR reports, certificates, requests are all generated automatically.

Digitalize your work

iFlow automatically calculates all the information in the timesheet. Keep track of the working hours of your employees online, and easily access this data from any device with just a few clicks.

Overtime hours

Overtime hours will be calculated automatically in the timesheet based on time off hours.

Reports and templates

All the reports and requests are automatically generated with the necessary information.

Employee’s self-service

Employee’s can add requests for paid leave or any other event in the app by using the upload feature.

automatically generated timesheet

Zero miscalculations in the timesheet

Night, weekend, and overtime hours are all automatically calculated in the timesheet based on the work schedule and events.

The efficiency of Marele Pescar SRL company’s increased by 9x due to the use of a digitalized timesheet.

Plan exactly like you need

Create your own work shifts

Define an unlimited number of shifts and set them to your employees, based on their department.

Pharmageea SRL reduced by 60% the time spent on setting work shifts.

Viewing options for everyone

Avoid annual leave overlap