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Digital Document Archive

All company and employee documents are archived digitally, accessible from any device. Goodbye to bureaucracy and wasted time; welcome to the digital world!

Generate documents with a single click!

iDocs offers a range of document templates you can customize and use within your company. These templates are automatically filled out and generated; an essential aspect is that everything is digital.

Quick and easy approval

The application completes the necessary information

You open and view the document

Enjoy the automated processes in iFlow

Employee digital file

You can access your employees' documents instantly and set alerts for expiration dates or document status. Keep any document on employees' profiles, such as:


Employment contract

Encourage company transparency and provide employees access to employment contracts in digital format or scanned physical copies attached to their profiles.


Job description

Describe the employee's role and responsibilities using the job description, and they can access the document at any time to stay informed about their job duties.


Contract addendum

Maintain accurate records of all changes made to the employment contract through addendums. Employees are notified when a new document is added.


Performance evaluations

Monitor employee performance and easily compare results. You have all the information in the personal profile file just a click away.


Health and safety notices

The application is constantly updated according to the latest legislative changes, allowing you to generate health and safety or fire safety documents for ITM inspections.


Specialization documents

Keep an archive of documents related to the employee's knowledge, skills, and experience to support their further development.

iDocs tools

The document module includes a range of functionalities that help with the daily management of documents in the company.

Organizational policies

You can directly communicate the company's policies to employees. Each user in the account is notified, saving you time in informing staff about new regulations.

*This functionality is equally important for large organizations with offices in different countries or cities and small businesses.


Internal procedures announcements





How do you sign the documents?

You can confirm your identity by digitally signing directly into the application. You can sign documents physically or through your computer.

Already have printed documents? You can upload them to iFlow, along with employees' digital documents, using the upload button.

Who has access to the documents?

You can choose who can view, edit, and sign documents.
You can set rules at the document or folder level.

As an administrator, you can select specific documents for which the employee or team leader will have permission.

Are you interested in iDocs?

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