The evolution of iFlow

Find out the most significant steps in developing iFlow,
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May 2022

Update 4.9.1

- Activity report for projects and work tasks
- Automatic calculation of paid leave when a contract is terminated or suspended
- Simplification of adding new users
- Employee reviews with complete data
- Selecting a replacement for the missing employee on leave requests

April 2022

Update 4.9

- E-mail notifications for the real attendance of employees
- Complex reports easy to download and read
- Association of projects with devices or teams
- The Real attendance report became more comprehensive
- Quick check of opened clock-ins
- Search option in the Timesheet report filters
- Option to view the password while typing it
- Easy select of all employees

March 2022

Update 4.8.1

- Attendance import from the access control system
- Link or QR code clock-in
- The live chat was added
- Other improvements and fixes

February 2022

Update 4.8

- Employee reviews
- The reports design was changed
- Multiple annual leave add
- Intuitive import feature for employees and locations
- Custom setting for automatic break
- Adding legal holidays on user level
- Other improvements and fixes

December 2021

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

December marks the achievement of the "CERTIND - In accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 / ISO 9001: 2015" certificate, by the management system of ELECTRONISTA SRL, having the certification field "Custom software development activities (customer-oriented software)".

November 2021

Update 4.7

- Switch button between the Live attendance and Planning reports
- New option to reset the real attendance over 24 hours
- Option to limit the leave days
- Location planning in the work schedule panel
- Added the Leave planning report
- Direct allocation of special leave days
- Notifications regarding the location clock-in
- Added the Organizational Chart
- Other changes and fixes

September 2021

Update 4.6

- Events e-mail notifications
- Modified the “Download events” file
- PIN code clock-in
- Time-off can be displayed in the “Timesheet” report
- Automatic break in the Real attendance
- Option to deactivate reports
- The new project module was launched
- Option for “New contract”
- Other changes and fixes

June 2021

Update 4.5

- The time interval events will subside from the Timesheet
- Automatic generator for the working schedule
- Improvements in the Work Schedule panel
- New permissions for users
- Other changes and fixes

April 2021

Update 4.4

- Half day paid leave
- Developed the “Meal tickets” report
- Developed the “My attendance” panel
- Added the possibility to rename the “Projects” functionality
- Fixes to improve the user experience
- Other repairs and changes

March 2021

Update 4.3

- Added the COVID19 questionnaire

March 2021

Update 4.2

- Developed the setting that allows each user to select a different language
- The option that the employee can edit their own working schedule
- New setting for overtime hours approval
- Search articles directly from the app
- Developed multi user login
- Fixed other bugs

January 2021

Update 4.1

- Design changed and features added in "My attendance"
- The live attendance report divides hours in day and night
- The quota is also calculated in Day data
- Other changes and fixes

December 2020

Update 4.0

- Showing the check-in/out hours and the symbol event in the timesheet
- Worked and free hours columns in the timesheet
- Reasons to terminate employment contracts
- Additional settings in reports
- Real-time report for projects
- Setting workload quota
- Notes for users
- Other repairs and fixes

October 2020

Update 3.9.2

- Medical leave is automatically calculated with 8 hours
- The option to fix columns in the timesheet
- Additional settings for the timesheet
- Leaves calculated in days not hours
- Printing options for the timesheet
- New report for Data export
- Other changes and fixes

August 2020

Update 3.9.1

- Developed and launched the Data export report
- Possibility to associate work shifts with teams
- Developed a filtered search feature
- Other repairs and fixes

July 2020

Update 3.9

- Developed multiple viewing options for the work schedule
- Documents can be personalized with the company's logo
- Developed timesheet with start and end hours
- Predefined events can be personalized

June 2020

Update 3.8

- Updated the app with better viewing options for big companies
- Developed and launched the Employees - contracts report
- Added new search features and validation based on ID
- Other fixes and updates

May 2020

Update 3.7

- Possibility to schedule a Demo with an iFlow specialist
- Update information in the app with an import file
- Introduced online training for iFlow users
- Added Today's status on the Dashboard
- Developed Privacy policy for employees
- Other fixes

April 2020

Update 3.6

- Possibility to see the number of worked hours on the Dashboard
- Developed and launched the check-in/out on locations
- Developed and launched the notifications system
- Employees can see or not see the custom fields
- Developed the import in the salary software
- Developed the billing system
- Added information request
- Other repairs and updates

April 2020

Update 3.5

- Hours can be rounded in the timesheet based on real attendance
- Developed and implemented the "Request edit" option for events
- Possibility to offer or deny access to documents for employees
- Added the setting to set start and end time for night hours
- Possibility to show time interval events in the timesheet
- The option to set the work schedule for the whole year
- Launched automatic inactivation of employees
- Predefined events can be disabled

March 2020

Update 3.4

- Implemented the "Compensatory time" event in the list of predefined events
- Developed and implemented the "Real registry"
- Possibility to set a work schedule on an event

February 2020

Update 3.3

- Possibility to upload fixes and documents in the app
- Fixed little bugs

February 2020

Update 3.2

- Developed and implemented the simplified version of the real attendance
- The HR department can have access solely to the reports
- Developed access to day data from the Dashboard
- Medical leaves can be represented by the same symbol
- Upgraded the Overtime and time-off report
- Employees can see the work schedule
- Optimized the Work schedule panel
- Possibility to lock the timesheet
- Repairs to the mobile app

December 2019

Update 3.1

- Possibility to make multiple selections in the General and Activity panels
- Possibility to upgrade leave days for all employees at the same time
- Possibility to add events directly from the Work schedule panel
- Developed and implemented search features in iFlow
- Developed and implemented interface changes
- Automatic saving of the Work schedule
- Change-log for the employee's profile
- Included chat support in the app

November 2019