Public holidays for employees

In the case of companies where there is diversity among employees, there is a need to set up legal days off at the employee level. Find out in this article how you define these days off.
  • From the menu “Settings” – “Public holidays
  • Click on “Add
  • Select the employee or employees
  • Select the day off
  • Fill in its name
  • Click on “Add


The “All Employees” option is not equivalent to manually selecting all employees. By selecting the “All employees” option, you ensure that new employees will also benefit from this holiday. If you select all employees manually, only those employees will benefit from the respective legal day off, those added in the application later, will not benefit only if you add them manually.
Once you’ve added a new holiday to your list, make sure your employees don’t have a work schedule on that day, or leave that doesn’t have to be on a public holiday.
You can also modify existing holidays by clicking on the “Edit” button next to the desired holiday.

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Beatrice M.
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