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DocumentationiFlow FAQHow does the Work schedule changes report function?

How does the Work schedule changes report function?

This report is an archive of changes in the Work schedule panel. You will be able to find information about who changed the work schedule, for when were the changes made, when did they change it, who has changed the program and what change has occurred.

Filters in the “Work schedule changes” report

The report is very simple to use with filters. The two filters are on the left side of the report:

  • Date – from here you need the select the date for which you noticed a change in the schedule
  • Employee – employee who has a changed schedule


If you want to see why Cristina Maruta has another program on 07.09.2020, select 7.09.2020 and Cristina Maruta from the list of employees.

Information in the report “changes to the work program”

There are five columns in the change report.

  • Name – the name of the person whose program has been changed appears here
  • Operation Type – there are two statuses: updated (when the program was replaced) and deleted
  • Change date – here will be the date the program was modified, wich the exact hour
  • By user – the user in the application that modified the program (useful in cases where there are multiple admins)
  • Details – a new window will open here to present the new work schedule added

The report can be printed or downloaded in Excel format.

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