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Today’s status in iFlow

In iFlow there are multiple reports and panels from where you can check the status and activity of your employees. But Today’s status from the Dashboard upgrades information in real-time, for the current day.

This means that all the information is shown based on the selected filters. You can use Today’s status at any moment during the day and the information will be updated.

The filters you can use are:

  • Presence filters – from here you will choose the type of presence that you wish you Today’s status to show. You can choose between Work Schedule or Real-Time Presence.
  • Events filters – in this list are the predefined events from iFlow, but also the personalized events you added.


We select these filters:

  • Presence based on Work schedule
  • Paid leave
  • Overtime hours

In this situation, in the Dashboard, we will see:

  • Today at work, overtime hours – it will show the employees that are working overtime
  • Today absent, Paid leave – it will show the employees that are away on paid leave
  • Today at work – all the employees present at work

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